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One for Polly and one for Grandma Bodger

We went to St Fagans yesterday and we couldn't resist taking these pictures, so that we could show Polly how her new kitchen will look and to remind Grandma Bodger how our old prefab looked.
I was born in 1954 and shortly afterwards, my mum and dad moved into one of these at Number 3 Harrison Rd, Norton, Stoke on Trent. Prefabs were built shortly after the second world war, to house the masses. When they were built their tennants thought them to be modern day wonders, so for both you ladies, here are the pictures. .

What do you think? What more could the modern day lady want?

Cool! Knocks my new kitchen into a cocked hat that one does!  

I can remember those metal bread bins from my childhood.

Ours had red  borders and lettering.

My sister still uses the one, that Mum had today.

I love the shopping bag, my mum used to have those. Thank you fopr those pics Bodger.

Thanks for that brings back a lot of memories  

My last house had kitchen cupboards and a cooker exactlylike this when we moved in.
It was built in the 1930's and the lady had been there since new and died suddenly.  It was the only house we could afford (after splitting with then husband), and I was really lucky to get it.
It took a good few months to get livable, and 2 years later we sold it for a massive profit (after a lot of work).
The kitchen was tiny and had to be completely ripped out.

As a very young kid, my brother and I had a pet hamster and one of my childhood memories, is of it escaping and of it living quite happily for weeks behind those units before my parents were able to recapture it.

I may be asking a silly question but any idea what the square thing on the wall above units is

I'm not sure either Horace.

Thats a lid that come down to give more bench space isn't it and white bit swings out to blck edge

If you look closely you can see on the right hand side of it  the stay for keeping it up when you were using the washing tub, in our house they were never called "work tops " the were either drainers which had grooves channeled into them to allow any water to run back into the sink , oe if they were plain on top as i suspect this on would have been they were called bunkers. My Granny used to sit me up on the "bunker " and wash me in the sink .!!

horace wrote:
I may be asking a silly question but any idea what the square thing on the wall above units is

The thing on the left? I wondered that too.

(BTW I tell my customers that the only silly question is the one that they don't ask, but keep wondering about.   )
Grandma Bodger

iF I remember rightly that was a boiler very happy memories, the bread bin was very useful not only for bread but for my husband to put his foot inside it when he broke his big toe to keep the bedclothes of it    

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