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One for bodger......

or anyone else with any knowledge of cider making!

Last year when we made cider (about 21 litres) we killed the natural yeast and put in cider yeast.  All went well and it was lovely.

This year we didn't have any cider yeast, so we let it take it course with the natural ones.  However, it remained really (and I mean REALLY) cloudy, so about a week ago we put in the first stage of wine finings, followed by the second stage five days ago.  In theory (according to t'internet) it should be ready to bottle today.

Only there is a thick layer of brown yeast-smelling sludge ON TOP of the cider.  I thought the sludge was supposed to fall to the bottom.  Also, when I drew some off, it is still quite cloudy and there are bits floating about in it.  I've had a sip and it seems to taste ok - just looks awful!

So, what do we do?  Chuck it out or bottle it and see what happens?  

I can try and take some photos of the sludge if that might help anyone to decide what is going on.

sounds like youve made a mother.

Chapeau brun?

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