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One for Asemery......... Paracord needle.

Hi Asemery,

I thought that you may appreciate this.

I have been messing about with Paracord, polyester and teryelene cords for a few years now, and just recently I was encouraged by your posting of the snake weave lanyard to work more with paracord.

You may recall we quickly discussed the merits of joining two cords together using adhesive, melting them together, stitching and then you suggested the "Manny Method" which I decided was the right one for me and my projects.

I bought myself  straight and curved paracord needles from off the internet and they have proven to be extremely useful items, but I encounted a problem when employing the "Manny Method" to join two cords.... when using a lighter to melt and seal the cord ends and I then pulled the cord from off the needle's body it had shrunk down and I could not re-insert the needle from the side to pierce the cord and exit through the tube of the cord's outer casing. So I looked again, and again, and yet again at the youtube videos, and it was then that I noticed the guy was using a spike with a slightly larger diameter and a longer taper than the standard paracord needles.

So I got a friend of mine who works in an aircraft repair shop to make me a custom needle. It is 8mmŲ X 125mm long has a 2 X longer taper, is crossed knurled to provide a grip, and has a 4mmŲ hole for a lanyard at the top end. It is made from a piece of aircraft grade stainless steel (and was originally a part of a Fokker 100 rescued from the scrap bin).


Those are very nice Gareth.  I have needled I made from cutting the head off a binding post and grinding down the point.  I have sizes from 1" to 2" and a 1" extension bit to give me a wide range of needle lengths.

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