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One-Eyed Mog and her second brush with death

We have a cat called One-Eyed Mog.  She was just Mog (after Judith Kerr's Mog books!) but she fell out with a car, and survived, but lost an eye (and cost PetPlan 3000!!)

This morning I noticed some blood on the bedroom carpet, and found One-Eyed Mog curled up under my bedside table.  Vet says she has had a fight with a fox!  Now I know she's a gutsy girl, because of her last survival, but I'm now very proud of her getting away from a fox who clearly had its teeth around one back leg.  (This one's going to cost the insurance about 1000!)

Poor Mog (I loved those books )

I hope that she doesn't need to much treatment for this injury. I bet that you are glad that you are insured

Get well soon Mog  
green man

The bionic cat only 7 lives left now, I make that  about another 14 grands worth.  hope she is better soon.

Crikey! Yes, I hadn't thought of that, but PetPlan aren't going to like us if she deals with the other seven lives so dramatically!

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