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One against many.

I've had to dip my hand into my pocket inorder to try and combat the hoardes of rabbits that are currently covetting my apple trees. We've never had a bunny problem like this before, in some areas the ground is carpeted with rabbit pooh, so I've bought one of these.

I've pressed it immediately into service.

I've placed it an area where there's plenty of bunny traffic and cunningly baited it with some sliced carrot. I've never used one of these before and I'm sure that I will have done something wrong, we'll just have to see what the next few mornings bring.


bunny sausages?  

Mayan rabbit!

Not Mayan rabbit ! my rabbit  

go cheap, check out my squirrel thread for how to set a snare lol

omg is that for real? ha  

The RSPCA are going to love that.

People have used vapourisers with petrol fumes to achieve the same result for years. I wonder how many chicken sheds they've blown up ? oh.gif

Not unsuprisingly, my rabbit trap was untouched last night but I already have a good recipe earmarked and a 'cook a long' thread in mind for the forum.  You're running out of time buggsy

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