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On this day

On this day in 1997 hundreds of thousands of  people packed Hyde Park in London  and marched through the city in protest against Government proposals to ban fox hunting.
As we now know, inspite of the protests the hunting bill was passed. Were you there ? and with the election of a Tory/Liblab coaltion government are we really any closer to seeing its repeal?

Here's hoping............

I was there, in fact I was at all the marches.

I also hope hunting wins a repeal.

I was there and all the other marches, along with my OH and daughter. I've also protested outside the Houses of Parliament, took part in a blockade of the square, signed countless Petitions and written hundreds of letters. All fell on deaf ears  

The Hunting ban has little to do with animal welfare and all to do with Political point scoring, 'brown nosing' and class warfare.

While out hunting one day, a 'Anti' grabbed my horse by the bridle and punched him in the side of the face, of course I enquired politely if he had 'acted' in the name of animal welfare ? To which he replied "no, I just hate you rich barstewards". I took great pleasure in pointing out that infact, like so many of my hunting friends I actually come from a very working class family, left school at 16 and have WORKED my arse off every day since ! I doubt it made one scrap of difference to him though and no doubt he was out the following week, hiding behind his balaklava, slashing tyres, punching horses, spraying citronella in hounds faces and verbally abusing law abiding members of the tax paying public.

Very sadly, I don't think a repeal is likely. There are far too many people backing the ban, with large amounts of cash and power behind them. I do wish the Queen would revoke her Royal Patronage of one certain so called Animal Welfare Charity - but I expect she's even powerless to do that !  

(oh dear, that was a bit of a rant)  

Now me personally, I don't think I could do the hunting thing except if I really had to, for example if I was hungry enough or it was something that had to be done, but I do see the need for it and I did sign petitions against the fox hunting ban.  I know people who think it's awful if you 'let' your dog kill a rat or something - but I'd much rather the rat was killed quickly and cleanly like that instead of poison.

Conservation is not just not killing anything nor chopping anything down - things have to be managed properly and it's just something animal righters don't seem to get.  All things die eventually but more things spring up after them - it's Natures Way.  Now there is this problem with urban foxes attacking kids and small animals - wot a surprise!  

I can't believe one of them punched your horse - the barsteward!  Completely contradictory in their behaviour!  

I went on both of the London marches and had a brilliant time.

Has hunting been banned, then?    

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