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On this day

On this day in 1964 Seventy three million Americans tuned in to the Ed Sullivan Show to watch four youths from Liverpool (the Beatles) appear in America for the first time.
It hardly seems possible that they've been and gone, what are your over riding memories of the Beatles ?
Mine are of watching them on a  black and white television playing on a 'Sunday Night at the Palladium and of being told by our headmaster Mr Ogden in the school assembly, that their music wouldn't endure.

Richard Starkey has just had his name added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
mrs tiggywinkle

Going to the cinema to see A Hards Days Night with my Mum and brother BUT not being able to hear a word or song as the audience were screaming too much!!!!!
  I still enjoy listening to the Beatles..George was always my favourite. My son thinks they are and were over-rated!!!!!

Stones Rool Innit.

Good London band, betta than Alf Garnets "Scouse Gits" eny day.
mrs tiggywinkle

No way Bazzer the Beatles were and are still the best!!!

My husband's grandad calling them "long haired layabouts!"

As some of them are/where anti's, I never have or never will buy their music.

I'm with Bazzer on this one, Beatles are rubbish, Rolling Stones and The Who.  

Cant stand the Beatles...sorry


   45-46 or what ever years  on .....Stones  V  Beatles....  

Neither could have been that bad, either way you look at it.....They are all still around ....if only in Memory...Brian...John ....George......all greats
be they soloist or as a part of their respective groups......
How wrong our Elders were.....    how wrong they were..
   and thanks for the music...

Oooooooooh an old family discussion.

Mother thought the Beatles were nice, clean upstanding lads who sang good tunes. But then she liked Tommy Steele, Lonnie Donegan and some geezer who sang with the Billy Cotton Band, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. She didn't approve of The Stones, The Kinks or The Animals.

Well there you go, none of them my choice of singers. Did introduce her to some of the other things that came up in the charts on Top of the Pops and she looked at me peculiar because I liked people who sang in tune even if looks didn't go with it.

Got taken to see Help! as a third birthday present.

Was working at a music publishers when Lennon was murdered - the whole music biz stopped for the day - everyone just phoned contacts at other companies to chat.

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