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On the way home...........

......two of our boys have just spent 3 days at Oktoberfest, 'the  1618 day beer festival held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, running from late September to the first weekend in October' (courtesy of wikipedia )

The major setback is that their trip is marketed as a 5 day break but that includes a 20 hour coach/ferry trip to get there and back Martin lives relatively close to the drop off point in London but Rob has another 6 hour train journey to get back home

I would imagine that most of the return journey will be spent sleeping off the excesses of the last 3 days

Hopefully there will be a report and photos to follow

Wow.  My son would give anything to have been able to attend something like that.  Lets hope Rob doesn't oversleep and miss a stop. (done that myself once)


Rob should be home at around 9.00pm tonight. After five nights kipping in a beer fume filled two man tent, his dad will still have some jobs to do around the holding tomorrow. I'm thinking fencing and apple pressing.

I've been back for a few hours now and finally finished sorting though my photos.

Hopefully this will give you the idea of the scale of the "Tents", this is just one of the 14 massive drinking halls

These tants can sit anywhere up to 8000 people at one time.

There's nothing quite like a little beer for breakfast

Robert insisted that we got around and tried all the different beers on the festival site.

Hopefully Rob will be on tonight or tomorrow with many more photos.

Oh the shame Rob. Its a wonder that they let you in wearing a Magniers T Shirt I'm glad that you both had a great time and that both of you are back home safely.

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