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On Recreating Indian Runner Ducks,

Indian Runner ducks were once looked upon as being one of the best laying breeds in the country but because of the attention they've received from the showing fraternity, these once very active and graceful ducks no longer fulfil this roll. They've been bred for exaggerated looks with scant attention to their laying abilities.

I've mentioned this a few times over the years but I still harbour an idea of trying to breed some  Indian Runners which look and behave like they used to do.
I've found a company on the web which sell both POL Khaki Campbells and Cherry Valley commercial type laying ducks. The premise of my project would be to buy some of their birds and run them with as good an Indian Runner drake as I can lay my hands on  and then to continue to breed back to Indian Runners until I have birds that look like Indian Runners but that retain some of the egg laying capabilities.
The company is situated quite away from where we live but fortunately we travel down to see our youngest son and his wife fairly regularly and there place is only 15 miles away from them.
Do I use their Khaki Campbells or Cherry Valley ducks as a starting point? What would you do?
Yorkshire Geordie

Best of luck with your endeavours, Bodger.  

I like Runners but wouldn't know any answers to your question of breeding them.

Mark Wylie at Hill of Camstradden Farm, on Loch Lomondside still breeds Indian Runner Ducks. He uses them for his 'Drakes of Hazard' display, but he said that they produce something like 180 eggs a year too. I used to work demonstrating at big park events, and Mark passed on some of the eggs….my husband thought they were brilliant
Can't see Mark making breeding any beast just for show if it's going to compromise it's usefulness.


Dave C

From a guy who is currently breeding from hybrid chickens  
I would probably start with the cherry valley, whose hybrid technology will possibly give you a good start.

But as a traditionalist, maybe Khaki Campbell's might be the way to go
Do they have Indian Runners in there make up   might be a better match.

Interesting project mate  

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