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On BBC News this morning.

The government are serious, apparently about having 7000 off shore wind turbines by the year 2020.
If spread out, it would mean one for every half mile of our coastline and would completely change the face of the UK coastline. It would they say, mean that just about every household would be powered by wind power.

All very well, but this power would still come via the energy companies.

A similar amount could be spent on solar panels and smaller wind turbines on buildings and produce a similar amount, if not more power.

But then we wouldn't be beholden to the power companies any more.

We're having a bit of a battle at the moment.  N power would sent us an electricity bill until they've done an investigation.  The meter readings since we've moved in don't tally with "historial use" at this house.  We've switched to low energy bulbs, only leave the modem on standby, heat one room at a time etc.  So much for being responsible.

I've just found the link on the BBC News website.

I've said before, I think it would be great if everyone could produce some of their own power requirements through viable and simple systems using mini turbines and solar panels etc

I think we are going to have to wait for a while yet and as you say Lynne, we maybe up against vested interest here.

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