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What a day!! The other livery where I keep my mare has had a really nasty experience. She came off her 17hh horse on the forest and blacked out. She has no recollection of getting home. Horse arrived back safely after crossing a main road! Gulp!! Friend has concussion and multiple abrasions but mercifully no broken bones.
Made me  sit up and think I shall always have my phone on me now and am going to replace my slightly ancient crash hat. Love Lizzie

Lucky lass - scary stuff!
jacquie sullivan

Will she be scared to get on the horse again, even if you take a mobile you cant get a signal its just awful i'm just glad she is ok
Jacquie Sullivan

Oooh nasty - glad she's OK.
We had several such instances when I kept my horse on the Clent Hills. Horses always made their way back safely except one, who managed to cross a busy dual carriageway bypass and was found making his way into Stourbridge town centre      
Consequently we all made sure we'd got a plastic luggage tag on our saddles with the phone no. of the yard on it, and labels inside our hats with our name and address - just in case, so both horse and rider could be returned.
Hope your friend isn't too sore tomorrow.

As others said glad she and horse are ok but very scarey

Have just been up the yard. Friend is Sooo stiff today - and still cant remember what happened to her. 30 mins is missing from her memory.
Good tip about the luggage tags Seabird. I shall do that today. Friend is going to take a week off and then come out with me on a gentle hack. Love Lizzie

Glad to hear she has only minor abrasions and a 30 min memory loss, it could have been so much worse.

You can download apps now that are specifically designed for riders and will activate after 10 mins of inactivity, such as after a fall. Well worth it if you hack out alone alot.

So glad to hear both horse and rider are ok. One of our ponies escaped several years ago, through the mains electric fence attached to post and rails, through the builders yard, across the level crossing and the huge drain and was found by a friendly dog walker 4 miles away (as the crow flies) when she got up to walk her dogs. By the time i got him home (6 mile round trip by the road) he spent the rest of the day stood in the field regathering his strength, little s**t!


I'm glad that your friend and the horse are OK.
Good advice about the luggage tags and app.
Doodle has always been very careful with helmets and does replace them if they have taken a battering in a fall - you can't be too careful

Every mum and dads nightmare.

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