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OMG - demi john issue!

ITS EMPTY.........

and the law states that you cant have a demi john sitting round empty

so any suggestions ??

Dont fancy the rosehip bucks fizz (not keen on bubbles), prefer natural/hedge wines to the "kit" wines
Not too sweet & not something that will just reach its best in 15 yrs time (cant be doing with the wait   )


If you let the Rose Hip Bucks fizz to brew out completely in a demijohn with a water filled air lock, it won't have any fizzy bubbles ..... You need to brew in a confined capped bottle during the final stages of fermentaion to carbonate the brew.

Ginger wine is a favorite of mine to home-brew, and is very simple to prepare.

To make 5 litres: 500g of freshly grated root ginger, 750 g sugar, a shot of lemon juice, a pinch of yeast, and water.

Another one that I am very fond of is a mixed berries wine.... I'll often use a couple of packets of frozen mixed berries from the supermarket.

I'm just about to pick some crab apples as I read a nice little recepie the other day.

De stone and half a load of c/apples, fill a demi-john to three quaters full with these, puor in a 70cl bottle of vodka and 4 cups of sugar.
Give it a shake, put it in a dark cupboard for about a month, turning it now and again.... and thats it.
Dont worry that the apples will turn brown, after the month just strain off the liquid and there you have it.

well gareth, every day is a skool day isnt it, I never realised thats the final stages of carbonisation... defo a duh moment   Ive got a ginger wine sitting at the moment ( a mrs beeston receipe )  but I might try a mixed berries wine

HonkHonk the apple vodka sounds wonderful to, Ive got apples still coming off the trees out the front so whilst im popping down to get frozen berries I think I will see what bargains are out there for vodka

thanks for the suggestions guys    


Turbo Cider!  


Lois has just resolved my empty demijohn dilemma


absolutely brilliant......  loved that idea


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