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older furniture

Mrs Wiz and I prefer older furniture to new. We had been looking for a useful small table for the living room but hadn't been able to find anything interesting.
While I was off on holiday last month, I found this old table/seat in a local Junk shop. The varnish was ruined and the seat was missing. The back pad was past it's sell by too.

This photo shows it in seat mode...

A little sanding, varnishing and stitching later it now looks like this...

and this....

I'm quite pleased with the finished item, not to everyone's tastes, but it does make a useful extra seat to gawp at the goggle box from.

Looks spot on to me mate, very useful piece of furniture.

Well done, its amazing what a Little time and elbow grease can do.

That looks a good job
It's an unusual item and I bet that you will get many comments in your house about it.

Thank you both
I'd never seen anything quite like it. I think a lot of 40's 50's  furniture is just built better than a lot of "Affordable" modern stuff and this is no exception.

I have heard quite a lot of advice on buying old, well constructed furniture from auctions etc rather than the modern stuff.

Nicely done!

Very smart

Very nice - a metamorhic chair    and well restored - a good find I would say

  Good job well done

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