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Old Time Poultry.

Within our living memory, the pure breeds of poultry that used to produce most of the country's eggs and meat have all but disappeared from UK farmyards. In their place, we are left with tasteless hybrids which end up on our plates within just a few short weeks from hatching.
This means that most of todays population have been conditioned to accept pale insipid tasteless meat as being the norm.
We can't turn the clocks back to how things used to be but this facebook group has been created with fellow enthusiasts in mind, to try and safe guard and promote what we have left. There are already plenty of groups around catering for pet and show chickens but 'Old time poultry' is for us. The people who keep their chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys for the purpose they were originally created for.
Its early days for this new section but hopefully it will soon attract friendly members who will feel a comradery with other people who share a common interest.

Members can advertise stock for sale but only after they've shown a willingness to participate in the group.

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