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Old Skills

These were taken at our village 'Gathering' The people who emigrated from the recession are encouraged back to spend some of there new found wealth. These were taken on film (FP4 plus at 125 if anyone is interested) so only printed a few 10x8s, but the the rest of the negs look promising.

Producing fire wood

Basket weaving



That saw looks a bit dangerous

Love it! Thank you for the photos!!! That looks so amazing to participate in or even to watch!

I Have only just in recent times learned our family is from County Leitrim (the O'Rourke's). They (on my fathers side) left in the 1840's before the potato famine hit.

Thank you love them, We have a saw a bit like that one


I remember when i bought my first P.T.O.  driven saw ,around 1978 and i paid somewhere around 300 for it , i thought i was the cats whiskers !! Never be cold or poor again ! before that i had a pulley driven one that i seemed to spend half my time getting set up /or putting the belt back on ,/ or repairing the belt !!! , it was driven by my old fordson major bought for 80 in 1973 it was that price because we had to spend hours cutting bushs and winching it up and out of an quarry that it had fell into , it was a grand old tractor really and deserved much more love and attention than i ever gave it !! i made an engine bonnet out of corrigated tin   and never ever replaced the mudgaurds that had been buckled out of all recognition ,, but it served it's purpose and was a huge step forwards from the contraption i had before that , i had previously been the proud owner of B.S.A. Bantam , mounted on a stand with a pulley wheel on the back !!!! (My Dad had bought this from someone in the 50's )
Health and Safety ???? it was a death trap , but i suppose needs must and all that !!
Aye the good old days ,

Really nice to see you here Diz.

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