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Old photo

Looking for an old photo (never did find it) I came across this one.

I'd love to know more about the seat the child is sitting in, were they especially designed for young children, in commn use  etc.?


These photos are brilliant - are they yours or have you found them 'on the net'?

They are old family photos. I 'waste' far too much time going through them. I just wish I'd spent more time talking to older family members when I had the chance.

It's a basket saddle! There are still a few about here and there, a friend has one. Won't let go of it of course...!

I believe they were about in the victorian times for little 'uns to get used to horses.

I THINK they are still made somewhere or other, but as usual. H and S often gets in the way of 'what is right'...

Thank you. I think it looks super. It's a shame it's not still around. I would love to see one, the work looks very detailed.

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