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Old or cold?

My cat is 9 years old and usually only needs dried cat food at night but she is meowling for food in the day as well now. Do you think that it is because she needs more energy to deal with the cold or because she is getting older?

It might be more energy for the cold, best ask Grandma Bodger or Aunty Jean what with them being cat fanatics!

I always had food out 24 /7 for the cat, then he could just get what he wanted, in his later years he used to come and ask me to lift him up to it (of course with the dear little terriers it was kept high)
9 is not old, and she should not be that cold, but maybe she just fancies eating in the day? Oh, is she an inside or outside cat? If she's out she may feel the need for more maintenance.

Maybe you could knit her a little cardigan?

She's an outside cat that has to stay out of the way of the terriers whose role in life is to catch her. She can come into the kitchen at night for food but can't get there in the day because of the dogs

lilwitedogs wrote:
Maybe you could knit her a little cardigan?


I bet she'd look cute :smt111

Anywhere you could put food during the day so the dogs can't get her or it?

It's not a big problem - she comes to the living room window and meows to be let in, the dogs don't have access to there. She normally just wants to come and lounge on the sofa but now she is meowling around my feet whenever I go in there and she's 'asking' for food which I can take into her and feed to her on the windowsill.

Edited to say - there is no way that I would try to dress this cat in a cardigan - she would kill me

kaz wrote:
there is no way that I would try to dress this cat in a cardigan - she would kill me

Now now, we don't know these things until we try........

I find my cats need feeding at least twice a day (I say at least, because they would eat more if I gave it to them)

Is she actually EATING the food she asks for? A symptom of tapeworm is constantly asking for food and then not eating it.

Knowing you Kaz, you've probably sorted that one out already, so I think she's probably a 2 meal a day cat. :q54:

She's just had her MOT at the vets with flea and worm treatment and she is eating the food so she must just be getting older and colder and demanding 2 meals a day
farmer jones

Knit her a woolly hat and bootees, light a big fire, and let her lie by it all day

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