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old fihing book catologe

I don't know if anyone knows about old books, but i have a Hardy's Anglers Guide book.

1930 edtion nice little book  produced by Hardy Bros Ltd.

also anyone know about old books ?  got another old book here also
Practicle Plane and Solid Geometry & Graphics By Joseph Harrison 1924

Sorry if this is in the wrong section  


Check out the prices on ebay for Hardy's Catalogues or even Sotherbys.


it's worthless.

Send it to me mate and I'll erm, dispose of it for you.

Thanks     is the fishing  book worth anything ?  

I have gave them to my daughter to put on ebay, she needs the money for a new clutch in her little car  

You'll be kicking yourself when she turns up in a brand new motor    
Duane Dibbley

Have a look may want to ask her for it back....

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