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Old churches, have you been to any of these?

Old churches, have you been to any of these ?

Even though they are empty, they seem so full of life and but at the same time, peaceful. Here's a story that suggests a useful secondary use for our churches and their graveyards.

Seeing those beautiful photos of old churches reminds me of this post when my eldest son Tom and I visited St Beunos church in the village of Pystll.


My son and I went for a walk to St Beunos Church at Pystll on the Lleyn Peninsula this morning. Please have a look at this link and then follow our walk with the aid of the pictures that we took of our visit.

We left the car on the main road in Pystll and then walked down an unmade lane towards the church. Here's an information board on the area.

The first feature that we came to was the old mill pool and the site of the old outflow sluice.

Our first view of this very small and ancient church.

There has been a church on this site since medieval times. The church before this was built of wood and plaster and had a thatched roof.
Some of the old graves and family crypts.
A lot of the writing on the stones had gone beyond reading but the earliest we could decipher was from 1726, although I'm sure that a lot must have been much earlier.

On entering the church we were met with a beautiful sight and a heady fragrance. The floor was strewn with wild grasses and herbs and these, combined with the scent of the many daffodils that decorated the building gave a heavy but pleasant scent.

The little church is of a simple design but is stunning in its own way. The vaulted and beamed ceiling alone, was well worth the trek to see it. It really was a fine example of the craftsmens skills.

Before leaving St Beunos, we sort out the most famous resident of the churches graveyard.

A lot of you will be too young to remember Rupert Davies, but he was a well known actor from the 40s through to the 60s and 70s. He was best known for his roll as Magret the french detective in the black and white TV series of the same name. I can only just remember the programme but seem to recall that it always ended with him lighting his pipe in a shadowey doorway.

Our final view of the church, as we walked back up the hill towards the car. I'm well pleased that we took the effort to visit it.


I've enjoyed this one - thanks for sharing.

I've been to Furness Abbey, but that was years ago.

Karen and I have stopped at Tintern abbey a couple of times as we've making our way too and thro across the border. Its well worth a look.

Thaks for them all wonderful to see as our country is so new

Thaks for them all wonderful to see as our country is so new

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