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Since we had had our oil boiler updated, I'm pleased to say that our system has been far more economic to run. Infact, its been so good that we didn't have to buy any oil over the winter. We still have a drop or two left but because we maybe moving house, we are loathe to invest in a full tank load that we might not get to use.
The tank holds 1300 litres, so I've phoned our local company, who are literally a couple of miles up the road and inquired about having 500 litres delivered. They will do it but the price difference per litre between having a 1000 litres and 500 is six pence a litre. IMO, thats absolutely taking the Micky.

it is John.  They don't charge extra down here whether you have 500 ltrs or 1500 ltras.  We used to get ours from Mole Valley when we had it....been 4 years now.

Don't forget though Bodge, the cost of delivering 100 or 1000 is basically the same apart from time taken to pump it into your tank.
Duane Dibbley

I think it's also judged on the amount of time the tanker is actually stopped for - if they are delivering 10 x 500l compared to 5 x 1000l the tanker is stopped for twice as long for the same amount of fuel, hence the price difference.

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