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oil tank

I have just picked up an oil tank and realised its only outlets are on  the top
would it be useable for my oil heating if so how would I do it?

Are you sure? If there's only an outlet at the top, how are you supposed to get the oil out?
Our oil tanks for the central heating have always had one at the top and one at the bottom. If there isn't one at the bottom, then I'm sure there will be kits to enable you to install one. Drill a hole and fit one ?

thanks bodger yes there are only holes in the top its also a bunded tank  so cant see how to get a tap in
was hoping someone could tell me how to before I decide to sell this to get another one

I'm not sure what bunded means mate.

Secondary skin to catch any leakage - think double glazed tank.
No idea how you could drill and seal it though...

If you already have an oil tank maybe you could use the bunded tank as extra storage and use a pump to transfer the oil.

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