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Oh Sh* t !

This is just what the doctor ordered.
Dave C

That's not good !!!!

Restrictions ? What restrictions ?  

Had a great day yesterday. My wife and I did a ten mile hike around the North Staffordshire countryside and thoroughly enjoyed it but we did see at least six flocks of free range chickens at liberty and these could be easily seen from the road.
We drove back home to our part of Wales earlier on today and took the dog for a couple of miles and guess what? Yes. You guessed it, we saw three more lots of absolutely free range chickens.

Some use muggins here having gone to loads of trouble to house his flock.  
Dave C

Some people are not taking the situation seriously at all  

Just saw this today..

All poultry in England are to be allowed outside from Thursday 13 April 2017, ending the requirement to keep them housed, or completely enclosed in netting, in Higher Risk Areas. Following updated evidence on the reduced risk posed by migratory wild birds the UKs Chief Veterinary Officer has announced that although the Prevention Zone remains, the temporary housing order has been lifted.

Until the next time, when the consensus of opinion seems to be that next year is going to be far worse than this one.

I don't see how on earth that this kind of thing can ever really be contained.
Wild birds fly the whole world over, and surely healthy home reared ones on small holdings where the owners know every fowl (and it's health) they keep, are less likely to be the source of any outbreaks.
It rather feels like the powers that be are looking for a soft target scapegoat.

While I mind, look what I found. I think we could probably manage a manly one in decent butchers stripe though;utm_term=1&utm_medium=2004

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