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Oh my apples!

Oh my apples !

This morning, my loss has been our pigs gain.

First thing this morning my apple trees were looking fine with a heavy crop of apples on them but this morning we've had a strong blustery gale come tumbling through our place and now there are hundreds of windfalls on the grass. It represents quite a loss to us but as the saying goes, you should never count your eggs before they hatch, or in this case, your apples before they ripen.

We usually pick the varieties that have been hit at the end of this month and in September.

Right now if anything, the wind is getting stronger, the pigs are going to be heartily sick of apples.


It's been quite windy here today but it has calmed down a lot now.
My apples are generally later than yours so are still stuck to the trees.
Look on the bright side and think how sweet that pork will be.  
Unless your not keeping any.   If so bugger.

The apples I've lost are no where near ready Malcolm. I usually pick them at the end of the month and well into September.

Arsebiscuits, but now you have pigs with built in apple sauce!

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