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Oh I say ! Burford Browns

I've just sold six of our very free range eggs to a rather posh lady whose visiting the area on holiday. I charged her my usual rate of £1.20p for the half dozen. For her money, she got three exceptionally dark brown Welsummer eggs, two brilliant white Ancona eggs  and a Light Sussex egg.

For some reason she felt compelled to give me the two empty boxes that her last eggs came in and very posh boxes they looked to be too.

Having nothing better to do, I did a quick Google on the internet. The label said that they were Burford Browns. Here's I came up with.

The eggs presumably came from this place.

This just goes to show what good presentation and lots of bull shit can achieve.

Think it's time for our prices to go up! I'm similar to you £2.50 a dozen

You need a good handful of that super strength BS they use.

Yeh the website is full of salesmanship crap, traditional old hens! Started breeding them in the 1980,s we have been breeding ours longer than that

I pay more than you're selling your free range ones for, in the supermarket.
Price increase due methinks.

I don't use many eggs, tbh. I often wish I could buy them in fours.
Four for a pound strikes me as cheap, and 30p to 40p each is still very reasonable, especially for free range.


We got some rescue Burford Browns last year. Can't say as their eggs are any different to any other hen..... Lovely plumage though  

My ex Father in Law used to say if you have the "gift of the gab" you will do well in life.
He expressed it thus "Bulls**t baffles Brains".
How right he was.  
Dave C

i guess the towney type public will love that website and sounds like they are willing to pay for them too.

We sell ours at £1.50 for 6 & £2.50 a dozen and cant keep up with the demand at the moment.

They say that they are not hybrids, so dose that mean they are just a strain of copper marans ?

PS, there eggs are no where near as dark as mine  

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