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Oh Cra* !

Kaz and I know the couple in this report very well. They are nice but very different.  Their bog is situated not a million miles from us but as yet, I havent been invited to spend a penny there.

They bought a block of forestry land and started sticking bodies in it a few years ago.When I spoke to Colin, thats Arabellas partner, he said that they were looking for more woods for their project throughout Wales.
These plots tend to be out in the middle of nowhere, so their eco bogs make good practical sense.

Well why not.
It was after all, the original way of disposing of human waste and probally still is in some countries.


It is a great idea. One of the pagan camps we used to frequent (long story why we don't any more) is based each year on a farm in North Yorks that has a nature reserve as part of the land and the camp built the composting loos there. Only difference is they are raised with hidden compost areas below, so that every coulple of years the broken down waste can be safely used as a compost on the farm.  

Believe me after 4 days of people camping the compost loos are my first choice long after the portaloos have become a frightening proposition. No smell and a comfy if rustic way to do one's business while at the camp.


It reminds me of our holidays in Greece. For those who are unaware, the sewage pipes are so narrow there, that you are not allowed to flush your loo paper away and you have to stick it in a bucket with a lid. oh.gif

We were talking to one fellow holiday maker who said something to us along the lines of " Isn't it funny how the shitty paper doesn't smell ?" I politely asked her how long she'd had a cold ?    :pottytrain5:

We were told on holiday in Thailand not to use toilet paper in one beachside cafe. On asking why we were told that pigs dont eat paper!! oh.gif  needless to say we avoided the pork!
Also in Australia they have wonderful "countryside" toilets called long drop dunnies. Basically under a  privvy toilet is a vast pit that all the waste falls into. Best not to look ! And dont drop your camera in. Love lizzie

lizzie44 the army in Iraq (2003) used deep trench latrines in the compound which houses among other things the field hospital unfortunatly heat human waste and flies resulted in an epidemic of diarrhea and vommitting. They were very deep dug by Gurkhas with JCBs and in centuries to come archeologists will find many interesting items that fell in including multi tools, knives, mobile phones, wallets and underwear. the Iraqi two step didn,t get everyone to D.T.L.s in time.
  sewage is dangerous unless properly treated what works for a family of four may not work for larger gathering.

In centuries to come, if Time Team are anything to go by, it will be classified as ritual!! oh.gif

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