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Oh bee keepers where art thou ?

We are in desperate need of a local bee keeper to come and keep some of their bees on our holding.

We offer a safe site which is easily accessable and with what I think will be ample forage for a number of colonies.
In addition to 80 fruit trees, we have two acres of grass brimming with white clover, we also have gorse bushes everywhere and tons of blue bells and other wild fowers , not to mention the honey suckle and laveneder that we have planted over the years.
I've put my feelers out to try and find a bee keeper but they are proving to be almost as rare a species as the bees that they keep.

Any ideas folks ?

The local bee inspector keeps bee in the field down the road that we sold so he does use other peoples sites. Will pm you his number.

The local bee officer has promised to bring some of his own hives here for years and has never produced the goods.

we were just thinking of this today...we don't want to keep bees ourselves but would be happy for someone else to in exchange for a few jars of honey...  I think some of it depends on area as to how difficult it is to find places to keep bees, and I understand the feed available for hte bees.  i know people with orchards often pay bee keepers to keep their hives there whereas the offer of heather and gorse as feed is more saught after.  Any thoughts?  Was thinking of contacting the local bee club and see what they say.

good luck Bodger - hope you find someone soon

The beekeepers at our allotments were out and about last week looking for locations for a few extra hives.  

We'd have no objections to having some in the wood behind our plot, but the last time they tried to put one there, it was trashed, probably by the people who have claimed part of that land as an extension to their garden.

This maybe a long shot bodger, try Pete Barrar on 01492 650764 he lives at Conway, although this may be too far for him, he may well know of a Beekeeper nearer to you looking for an "out apiary". Hope this is of some use, good luck.


Sorry i havent picked this up earlier, I'll ring him this evening.
mrs tiggywinkle

  What about Pete Heywood from Edern. I know he used to keep bees.......but that was a while ago.
Rare one

Still does.  Try tone of these two Bodger.
Sheila Cleary, Bryn Llefrith Bach, Llangybi, Pwllheli, LL53 63Q
01766 849146 email

Alison Fisher, Ynys Fawr, Y Ffor, Pwllheli, LL53 6RW

01758 612154 email

He's the bee officer that I mentioned earlier.  

I dont think that you should publicly post someone's phone number (unless its a company work number), I know I would not be pleased.
Rare one

They are posted on the Welsh  Bee Keeper's Association website which is open to anyone. But I will quite happily remove it if you so wish.

Rare one wrote:
They are posted on the Welsh  Bee Keeper's Association website which is open to anyone. But I will quite happily remove it if you so wish.

No if they are already in the public domain then its cool.

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