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off grid

Well, after a hectic year where we had to leave the cottage we had rented next to our land for the last 14 years we have now moved into a static caravan on our land pending the result of a planning application for a straw construction house.  

We are totally off grid complete with composting loo (really not as bad as it sounds - TBH I don't know why we don't all have them - and yes it is inside!), rain water collection for showering and washing up etc, electric is produced by using a genny 2 hours a day at the moment - this charges 4 12v 357 Amp hour batteries which in turn runs to an inverter to provide our 220-240 power.  In the spring we hope to install solar (this depends on ENP not throwing their rattle out of their pram as we will have to ground mount them because of Curry the goat getting on to the barn roof which is the only other place we can have them ATM.  This will reduce the use of the genny to just about zero in the summer and about 2 hours every three days in the winter.  heating is with our wood burner using our own wood.  Cooking and hot water is currently provided by propane gas for which we bater with pork with the local pub but if we get to build the house this will all be solid fuel rayburn with back boiler.

Phone is mobile and TV is satellite Internet is MIFI

As you know we are self sufficient in all out meat and a ot of our veg and the farm is totally self reliant and self supporting.

As part of our planning application we are going to be assessed for our carbon footprint.  We are hoping to be if not negative then at least neutral.  

Anyone else taken one of these tests?  Waiting to see what sort of questions they ask!

Very interesting stuff Debbie and hopefully exciting times ahead for you and Simon.

I am just amazed that it all blinking works John TBH.  Especially the electrics.  currently it costs as 1 a day in red diesel and we have everything (not an automatic washing machine - have a twin tub) we had before including fridge freezer, chest freezer etc.  only difference is that i have to be a bit more organised so I hoover, use the iron, hair dryer, washing machine, use power tools, during that 2 hours the genny is running as it produced a huge amount of excess power that isn't being used to charge the batteries.   With solar of of course you trickle feed the batteries so its not so much of an issue.

What I want to know is, if I can do all this for 1 a day how come EDF and the like was charging 100 - 130 a month!

Oh, and power cuts? not any more!

We got solar panels fitted in May, lots of cash has been coming our way and our electric bill as you can imagine has plummeted! The next major investment will be batteries in which to store said electric.

When the apocalypse comes, we'll be alright! Unless it's zombies, then we might struggle...

bodger wrote:
Very interesting stuff Debbie and hopefully exciting times ahead for you and Simon.
Same sentiments here -best of luck

Planning has finally gone in today - had to change to a wood super insulated house instead of straw because of damp in the valley not being good for the lime render of a straw build.  Still off grid and still loving it

Fingers crossed that it goes through without a hitch!  

It won't Joe, but thank you  xoxo

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