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Of interest to Bee Keepers

On our visit to North Devon, we visited this place.

Quinces Honey Farm is in South Molten and this notice of their's, explains what they do much better than I could.

In addition to a cafe and shop, they have created a marvellous display with the bees. Here are the pictures of bee colonies as they have been found in the wild. We must have seen billions of bees. :-)

Here are examples of the hives used today.

I couldn't resist this picture.

If you get the chance, Quinces Honey farm is a must too visit. We have returned home with several types of honey including a delicious jar made by the bees while they were out on the heather.

yep we went there when we went to Devon a few years back, seriously interesting and amazing how much planning and work goes into moving their hives over the countryside
green man

Imagine being a little worker bee and coming home and finding your house moved !   Please tell me they move them at night. :q28:

Would be a good way to get rid of the kids , send them out to work and then move the house. :-)

Sorry Kaz Bodger have I given the game away?

Imagine being the Postman who opened that Box!!!!! :smt103

Was there any info. about the seeming rise in colony collapse?

ah been there myself
and been a beek myself found it a great place
the beekeeping equipment from the past was a tad disapointing as i ve alot more
bees next bodger? i do hope so :-)

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