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OEG Wanted for Dutch keeper

Dear castlefarm poultry,

my name is Joris, i live in Holland.
i am going for the holiday to Bethesda wales with my family.

i am a chicken breeder, and would like to visit a fellow breeder in wales. my interest goes out to the Old English Game large.

since it is very very hard to find a breeder of the OEG, or an e-mail adres. my options are slimming down.

therefore my question, do You perhaps know a breeder of OEG in the area of Bethesda Wales.

maybe only an e-mail adres, that would be awesome.

i like Your website a lot.

with many greetings from Holland,

Joris Wunderink

Can anyone help this guy??

Is he after Carlisle or Oxford OEG?

No Idea John, but I can ask him.

He is also willing to swop eggs.

Ko shamo, wheaten/blue/wheaten
Modern english game bantams white

hes sorted may he breed good birds all the best

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