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Odd Things You See in the Countryside...



brummie nick

Is it coming UP or going DOWN ??

I see your waggon on a bridge, and raise you a waggon in a bridge, this is down the road from me.

I see your wagon in a bridge, and raise you Australian Cranes.

I think it got stuck, they lifted it onto the back of the truck.

Not exactly in the countryside, but a real life experience, I was while working on the rigs.

Lloyd's had come out to load test all the rigs cranes, crane driver and Lloyds man were in the crane cabin, while I was on the deck keeping an eye on the 50 ton Water bag that was being used to load test, the test came to a nasty end when the brakes failed and the crane boom ended up hanging over the side like a dimp d..k.

A 50 ton bag of water dropping from 30-40 meters height into the sea makes a very impresive splash.  

The crane boom was junked together with some hand rails from the legs jacking units.

I did hear at the time the crane op and Lloyds man needed a change of skiddies.    

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