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Oak table & bookshelf

I made these two items this week. Both are presents but for different people.

First off a coffee table.

Take two ugly looking planks

and some time & a hand planner

Testing the fit before cutting the top to size

Just need some more coats of oil & a good polish

and then the bookshelf


Lovely job(s)!  When we moved here there were heaps of old oak planks lying in the top barn.  OH made a chicken shed out of them. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Having just seen your work I am now off to make the chickens homeless!  

It surprising how good the wood looks once its been planned.

The table top bit was rotten at one end & looked really bad. The bookshelf was made from some bits of the thinner branches that would have normally been firewood.

The oak used to be growing at the end of the static caravan. We felled it about 3 years ago & milled up the main trunk & all the larger branches. Its been stacked with air gaps under a tarp since then.

I have used a few little bits before now but I am just starting to delve a little deeper into the stack to make more items. I do have some nice long bits set to the side for the right job.

Cracking job.

Do you have your own saw mill?

I always think its amazing how a bit of waxing brings so much life into a piece of wood, all wood not just oak.

I'm having two loads of lark milled into 30mm boards, to use as sides on my new wood store.

No, but I do have easy access to one in the next wood down the road.

I used oil (flooring) on the Oak. Mainly because I have loads of it left over from a big job.

Those look fantastic Richard.    

They are wonderful great job   love them


Great job    love them


Lovely !! I especially like the book shelves. What super presents.

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