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snare wire.
snare tealers
Hunting with Hawks
brass catapult UP DATE
My first attempts at ferreting !
catapult forks
looks at this
This seasons ratting photos.
Learning something new...poor Jills!
Hare tires out dogs
Ferreting family day out Somerset
Confessions of a poacher
Frank - the legendary Devon ferreter
Another good ferreting video
Good Ferreting video
No ferreting allowed?
Identify My Burglar
Air Rifle
Setting a fox trap
This beats
Not quite Hunting dogs?????!!!!
purse nets
couple hours out
Trail cam.
Ferret set ups
Just a pic of some kits i bred last july.
We have some action.
Trail cam?
My poor boy....
Rat DNA study needs samples !
Glorious 12th
First time pigeon shooting
My hawk
A cold Spring day...
One in the bag
Trip out last Saturday
a catahoula morning
Fox and Grey Squirrels
Squirrel Hunting with Ida
There were good and bad points
Horses and Hounds
game course
Now kids. Dad needs a new hunting lamp.
Deer Season Starts
first ferrets
A few days rabbiting
Stalking stags
Black-Footed Ferret
My ferreting workforce's latest addition
What a Result!!
Flatiron Tennesee Annie
NorthEast Moutain Cur Hunt (lots of pics)
red stag from sutherland
It's cold,wet and windy and i aint coming out!!!
Oi!!! Someone turn that flipp'in light off!!!
My first Deer stalk
more Mountain Cur Hunt PICS
Mountain Cur Hunt 2,110miles round trip (pics)
build your own knife?
One of my favourite times of year.
My Harris
Jes Knife.
How to train spaniel not to pull?
Theres a coon in that tree and a dog TOO!
Big Fox!
For the roe stalkers amongst us
A Mornings Hawking
Leather Bahmar hats; how to reshape them?
Hittin' the woods w/ the Mountain Curs
Ferret Locator Question
Mountain Curs on the hunt
what i've been doing
Dog catches young squirrel - What happens next ?
Whippet Pup
good link
Ferreting Available
Fabulous video of Eagle owl
Some of my BOP for this season
The Moons Up !
Hog Hunting in the US
Wanted jill ferret
Opening Day of Deer Season
Ferrets and lumps
mk1 knocker box
Young mable one year on with her first!!
Jack Hargreaves - rabbiting
Making use of the gale.
Zubeng Forge Hunting Knife
LACS lose cameras
My latest brood.
Taking the proverbial.....
One for Woodsmoke
The Little Hunter
An hour in the ditch...
Hope to go Deer Stalking soon
Link or patty?
Kips first Rat
cluck cluck gobble boom cont. ---all done !
cluck , cluck , GOBBLE , BOOM!
Hog Hunting
Feeding Ferrets
Nailed the Pot
Mountain Curs on a Sunday morning run (pics)
Hare brained....
A bit like hunting with dogs if you have more than two?
Ferreting the stables...
Pigs can't fly.....but
Cabin Fever project
Sussex Hounds
The Mountain Curs win a squirrel hunt
Good God ! Was it really that long ago?
A cold morning ferreting...
About time!
A Quick trip after Work
Its been six years !
They say less is more.
I can't find my lamp anywhere.
Weasel weekend...
The ferrets...........
Lamping video
Will fox jump onto holly hedge
Racoon dog
Ferret and Polcat pictures wanted for posting on a website
A bunch of furs going to market in the morning
Piss Ant shoots his first coyote tonight
Antelope Hunt 2010
A day out in Angus
Parson Jack Russell has a lot to answer for.
Good Saturday hunt
Boxing Day Meet - Monday 27th December
Ferreting instincts
Paid for ferreting...!!!....(pic heavy)
The Exmoor Emperor is Dead.
Mooch about for some Pheasants (but they had all gone)
Grouse camp
Chasing Charlie around the Maize
Kick from the Buck...
Deer Season Comes in Saturday
Running the Mountain Curs tonight (pics)
A few random photos from the last weeks.
Landowners, how do you like to be approached for permission?
Hunt round some of my permission
Second Session, Rat Triplets....
First rat of the season....
Kips first Hog Hunt
First Earth work
Deer season is upon us
Out looking for Rats
Drop net
Buying a new lamp?
A late one out
Floyd's first ferreting expedition
Curing Lures?
Ferrets, longnets and lurchers...(pic heavy)
Out today.
What ferret are you using
need bigger terriers
A new kit for the Workforce...
Tell me if you see any signs or indications
Beagling last season
Flatiron Fur shed Rondy (PIC HEAVY FOR SURE)
First Water Retrieve
FMWTC Charity Terrier,Lurcher and family Dog Show.
On this day
Looking for photo's
Lily (dead quarry pics)
Nice hunt about with Fern
The Puppy Show
Kips first Rat(allbeit a dead one)
a friend sent me this pic
Rough Shooting Essex
November 2009 hawking Incident...
In Deep (erm)......
Furshed and kennel update (pics)
Another very FROSTY morning !
Coyote war
Our last outing with the Ferrets
A Sunday Afternoon
Looking for a few Bunnys
new fur shed in the making
Hog hunting
Nailing the Easter bunny
Took terriers to a new racoon permission
Cold and wet
two days ratting
A quick one out.
Hard won.
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