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It blowing a Gale
Ferreting in Somerset.............
the dudes new gun
I'm hunting a MONSTER!!!
Saluki's in Arabia
Venison for supper tonight.
I'm out with the Coonhounds tonight.
Forget anything that Ratman tells you !
AA 410 airrifle.
first trip out this season......
Some various Plummer pics. (VERY PIC HEAVY)
Hunting pictures
Posting pictures
out fox the fox!
A successful days ratting with the team!
Extracting the urine or what ?
want ferrets
Would you credit it?
Did anyone get out lamping last night ?
Laser for nightvision sccope
look what strayed onto our veg patch!
Gos pics, eagle owl too
long netting
ferreting poll
Saturdays shooting
Now that's falconry and a half...
A Chistmas Hunt
Sir Mark faces coursing allegation
new recruits
Ferret advice needed please.
a rant- so beware
Tally Ho !
A very important rabbit !
great day at National hunting and fishing day
the difference between Jed Clampett and Flatiron!
Jedd Clampett !
a new gun!
Keen to be back....
spearfishing for rabbit
Its war then !
My fault
Hey ! who wanted the fox pee?
trapping season is coming
bdooly neigbours dog!
An interesting article on eagles and falcons.
Mr Fox.............
Camo choice?
The hunting of the Great Bear
The two-headed snake
those crazy yanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rabbit Snaring
Mrs B...
advice needed on rabbiting
Fox Hunting
The first rabbit, pigeon or fox.
Gundog? Nah, just a versatile Border!
A bit of work with the Borders.
Countryside Alliance Hunting Poster
Roe deer hawking clip with Golden eagles
Hunting Books
Hawking and falconry.
AAAAAAAaaarrgh, cabin fever !!!!!
Glad you've been supportive Snapper!
A Funny.
Hello New Member!!!
Pictures just for Lloyd
Thought this was great.
Spring Turkey season starts tomorrow!
Anyone know much about Huglu shotguns by CZ?
How many off you ??
a picture of bracken.............
A totally different culture.
How long is a ferret pregnant for ???
Does hunting with cars count?
a few tips for the 'freegan' hunter!
lamping with the air rifle tonight
The Tilly Machine
Deer Hunting USA style
More Plummer pics, sorry
Sporting Lucas Terrier
Foxes in the Guardian
My previous hawking season photos;
Hunting Wild Turkey
A falconry experience
On buying a dog
a nice pic,from a while ago!
Bull in a China Shop
for those interested , deer take in NY for 06-07
Some dogs I owned in the 80s
Having seen Ray Mears take a pot of double cream and a top
A Days Fox Hunting !
A Days Fox Hunting !
Plummer Terriers
Some terriers that I owned over 20 years ago.
How not to catch a Jackdaw
Ferret Warning.
A few ferreting pics from this season
What a crime!
Finished my order at last
Gamekeepers v Poachers.
Chronicles of Bodger 3
Chronicles of Bodger (part 3)
Hunting ? Is it in your blood !
Please show your appreciation
Chronicles of Bodger (part 2) January 1986
The Chronicles of Bodger
A few things
Ferret Virus
muntys ramblings
Vons Dogs
Some more hunting pictures from Von
The Hunter's Moon
A good preface for hunting and shooting section
Beaver !
This bird needs a good stuffing
Moon info.
Spot of Hunting anyone ?
Some people have a gift
This compo is still on you know !
The locals
Lamp Question.
Gather round and lets be serious.
bdooly weather.
bdooly good hunting
Dealing with antis
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