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White rabbit hunt...
What are these.
petition to repeal hunting
Hunting / Training Pic Diary of Fern
62 rats more........
Ferrets and Hunting
Rats revenge
Hunting the reed beds
Some pics from last season
A bit of ratting
Ratting, hawking and shooting!
The Fox's Prophecy
Find the critter...
Going to the fur auction
Beagling today !
Another very good reason to vote Conservative.
boxing day meets
How do I build a trap for succulent woodpigeon?
Young bird!
Mk1 Ferret Finder
A Days Ferreting (hopefully)
On this day
putting some meat in the freezer
the last thing to get burned
A heck of a day!
A terrible night !
Fudd's getting good at this coon hunting thing!
a good day !
skunk patterns
Stoat chasing rabbit.
A Royal Flush on the trapline
Fudd the Cur had a nice evening
Her first hunt
quick hour
Max my Whippet
New Lamp
sons lurcher pups
Striving to get THAT perfect action shot....maybe one day!
ratting with ferrets and plummers.
a monster White Tail Buck
Let us at 'em!!!
Ferreting last season
A weekend of white dogs. (Pic heavy)
Gray fox
New York Hunting and Fishing Day
for someone whos never been ferreting before
A night out running the raccoons
Its autumn.
Life in the old dogs yet....
Ferreting today
Bilbo's first dug to rat...
Review of 100 yard longnet
Rabbit season
a few pics of my dogs out hunting
a call from a farmer in need
Harris hawk Drawing
My Spanish Water Dogs
Stray ferret?
The New Boy!!
New Editions
Three border terriers and a lurcher !
My hob
1st rabbit
Bilbo enters to rat [just about]...
Turkey hunt success !
Anyone recognise this Plummer?
A few shots of some of my Workforce!!!!
Rabbit shoot virgin
Our dogs
youth turkey hunt
Got the BIG one this morning
Beaver damage
fun w/ my little buddies over the weekend
some more beaver pics
What have I been doing this week ?
Beagling in America
Nice Result
And you wonder why us Londoners dont eat rabbit
where have all the hares gone
Rat bashing again. Pic heavy.
A Sunday Outing - Short Tale by Dennis ( Probably Fiction!)
One in the eye for the Antis ?
anyone want to tak a newbie out hunting?
lamping in the snow????
Yesterdays Hawking
What a day. Pic heavy.
Elfie the golden Eagle
thinking about hare coursing, i need help
Recommended books on hunting
half an hour to spare
Some hawks and falcons over the winter
fowling again
Kill it, Cook it, Eat it.
the working whippet
A bit of fowling yesterday
Hunting and a Survivor :)
Here's hoping...
fur auction yesterday
Another fabulous day.
gate nets
a few photo's of my dog
Countryside Alliance newsletter
Head scratcher...
Rat, hare, rabbits, pheasants.
Boo's first bunnies.
hunting knives
pics for me best mate Ol' Stumpy Bodger
every thing he touches turns to sh..
quick hour ferreting
help please...
The nearly famous walk amongst us
Two for the pot
Fat Rat
Rat Attack...
better day on the trapline !
trapping weather here is horrible
Pyramid traps for keepers...and such...
Someones eating venison
A day out for birds
The Hunt Kennels at Welsh Pool.
The Earthdog Team rid Lincolnshire of a few rats
trail camera pictures
Out for a mooch with the lurchers - canine herpes survivors.
The aftermath.
The warm friendly smell of
Namby Pambys !
coon hunting last night
Still fit @ 50.
well off went LIly
So proud.
a bit about trapping
been wanting to do a trapping and fur hunting post
Name that Bird
trappers rondy
A question on Birds of Prey
off to another trappers rondy
Puppy club again..
Dump Bear and Natalie win again!
Tales from Willy poole
Brian Plummers Films
close call with coyotes
my new dog
off to The National Trappers Convention in the morn
Latest ratting trip to North Yorks
Competition coon hunt tonight
Bolting a few for the big dogs
Ratting last Sunday
trophy squirrel taken
wood pigeon
Hi Just A Few Pics.
Couple of todays pics.
More bunnies for Nell.
Puppy club. Part 1.
Puppy club. Part 2.
Hunting with a Harris Hawk?
Another invite out
End of the shoots: a bit of ratting
Wrap up Warm
Squirrel Dogs
Are there any ferreters on the site?
lady hunters
Nows the night to lamping
Rabbits in pipes.
A word of advice.
Fitchet ferrets.
FAO. lilwitedogs
Fallow Deer
A total lack of knowledge shown !
Chocolate Labradors
A spot of ratting.
Lord Tebbit
Ratting - North Yorks Moors - with the Borders and Lurchers
working terriers on Saturday
Is this the beginning of the return of common sense ??
Shooting over Ferrets
What unusual coloured quarry have you seen
Brian Plummer
Cat caught and killed Stoat
Mon-Tues-Wed..........out with the ferts.
coon hunting
Are any of you peeps
Deer Stalker gets his come uppance.
Like most blokes
Hilary Clinton
hunting dog
Miss Reiver and her first groundhog
When rats leave the building!
Coon Hunters
fox hunting should we allow it?
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