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The OTG Poultry Gallery
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Look at Swans feeding Fish !
Thought I would share this...
Quail and Red Jungle Fowl
Peebles Show
What do you think ?
Incubator for sale
Future broodies.
Buff Plymouth Rocks
Taking pictures of dark brown eggs
Brecon Buff Trio
Lemon Pekin
copper blue marans
Silver Penciled Wyandotte
Appenzeller Spitzhauben - Silver Spangled
Jersey Giant X Old English Pheasant Fowl
Indian Game
Cuckoo Marans - traditional English Clean leg type
Cream Legbar
Copper Black Marans
Crested Apricot Ducks
Watch fowl wanted!!!
Large German Langshans
Exchequer Leghorn
Scots Grey Cock.
gold duckwing
Gold Duckwing Welsummer
Partridge Welsummer
Wyandotte Bantam. Rare Colour.
Silver Appleyard Duck.
Rhode Island Red
Orpintons (Buff)
Crested Cream Legbar
Gallery Discussion Thread
Over the gate poultry gallery
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