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Stop Press News !
Llandeilo Poultry sale
Flavour of the month ?
Fertile Eggs
Few Broody Pics
Sex linked Crosses
I'm Back breeding for dark eggs
How do we tell the difference
A gosling, maybe goslings !
Making some room
A 100 mph !
Beeston Cattle Market.
Phew !
Early Starters
Result !
Brown Eggs
BHWT Cockerels
Guinea fowl eggs again ?
At long last !
This years Meat birds
How many Broodies
Hatching again
Free Range Eggs ?
bdooly Cheek !
Some of this seasons Light Sussex.
What's your favourite Laying Breed?
Indian Game
Finally ?
Spare Cock Birds.
On Recreating Indian Runner Ducks,
Candling duck eggs this evening
New Format
Old Time Poultry.
Few chick pics
We have Chicks !!!
Selling Day Old Chicks
There is a very large chicken...
A day or two late.
i've cracked, hope the eggs do in 21 days
Blue Boy
Old poultry book online
Big Boy
Yet another old book ?
Facebook Group ?
From Field to Folk
Mmmmm? Maybe I should have told her by now ?
The ones I've been waiting for.
Few new Chucks
In need of cheering up.
This years breeding plans?
Indian Game Cockerels
Blood spots in eggs?
Colour Genetics & Blue Lacing
Filling in the form
Egg size Ouch!
Goose Eggs
Sorted !
Who's letting them out Wednesday?
Fox is back
Broody Goose
Ducks !
Very sad
Breeding Pens
Broodies v Incubators ?
Ther might be light !
Broody Bantam
Quail Hatching Eggs
Hatching Eggs and Summer Dinners
More bad news.
A wheat mission today.
What you selling your eggs for?
Last Year's hatchings
Rude Warning - Who trained this ?
The first one.
What's under the Tarp?
Just had a visit.
Ear mite?
not good news
Why Me ?
2 more roasts
Bodes Well
Oh Sh* t !
Emergency Nest Boxes !
Hard Times !
What is a brace?
Utility Dinners?
Defra Press Release
This Years Indian Game
That winter feeling.
Blue Boy
Bit of Breast Meat
Midnight Cockerel Crowing
The Class of 2016 !
Meat Goslings?
New Pen
More Quail.
Knocking Posts In.
One of the thrills of keeping poultry.
For brewer66
Housing cockerels together over winter
My latest purchases.
Practical Poultry.
Getting Cold
What the heck!
Nest Box
I've got the runs!
Our Tom
Chick pics, guess the odd one out.
Ducks and Red Mite?
Got eggs pippin
Chicken Run floor
Singing to eggs alters the chicks, apparently.
Red Mite.
Skullduggery in the Pigeon Lofts !
Jumbo Release Pen Netting.
Foxes - Not satisfied with one. (Warning - graphic content.)
First Attempt
Quail ?
Foxed last night.
Do you like coffee and ducks?
New Cockerel
Definately a cockerel year for me.
Deformed chicks
An incubator?
Little Fellas
Help me design a new chicken shed.
Dam Incubator !!!!
You lucky, lucky B'stards....
First batch out on free range
broody hen help?
Anyone help with this???
First Batch Outside
Little Rockers.
House arrest
what chickens to get?
fertility,hatching and survival
Gosling Watch.
Decisions decisions
sudden cock death
Buff Chickens
Nearly there.
Long time no speak !!!!
At long last we have duck eggs.
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Rat problem
Feather duster in the making
Me Chooks
Off with the old
Our first ever !
First chicks 2016
First Egg
Royal Guernsey Agricultural & Horticultural Society Show
Is it just me ?
Fencing to keep poultry in
One for Dave C
Light Sussex
Eh! What's an egg?
quail quandary
I've lost my cock !
That time of year again !
Welsh Harlequin Ducks again.
First wheat of the season.
Some of my girls.
Last chance saloon with Welsummers
Ducks on the run
Breeding Groups over Winter
Fort Knox time
Next years plans ?
Bishop Browns
Goose problems.
Oh I say ! Burford Browns
first dispatch
Blue Andalusian Fowl
Rats !!!
Bodger's LS eggs
Late Goslings
Bird Flu in Lancashire.
Country Park
New-Old goose house
You can never have too many coops . . .
What to do?
Mixing Turkeys & Geese
we have our first chickens!
Now is not the time . . .
Now is not the time . . .
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