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The Feather Room
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breeding plans?
Thats a bit of a nuisance.
Breeders ration
Importation of Welsummer Eggs
white pheasants and partriges
In full working order
Hens behaving badly
Duck Eggs!
The start
The start
The car your chicken would choose
Identification of Cockerel
Welsh Poultry
freebies !!
oxford old english brown red trio
looking for Buff Orp hatching eggs
Webbed feet
I'm having a moan
Trees for pens
Mites, but not red spider
A Christmas Bird
Some early hatching eggs?
oxford old english hens
Running out of time
Chicken Run
Christmas is coming.....
White Leghorn Addiction
Thoughts on Ebay Egg Selling.
Breeding for dark brown eggs?
I'm self sufficient
Attacked again.
Great news
Chicken House Lights
Anyone know of any turkey dispatchers??
cheapest price for Flubenvet 240g?
Chalk and cheese.
The first of this seasons wheat.
Last chance
I thought this was pretty good
Bodgers Light Sussex
Cockerels having a go.
Complete devastation - fox attack
The Ultimate Roasting Bird (Flavour)
Karswood poultry spice.
Slug Patrol.
Last hatch
Hybrid layers - my new flock
I've got an unusually marked Light Sussex
Today is mainly going to be
Dried Dog Food for table birds
Late chicks
first time turkey growing any advise welcome to a good home
For sandrar
Proven Light Sussex Cockerel
Duck Pawn AKA how to sex day old ducks
Cross Legged Duck
Do i have something wrong here?
The Keepers
An inspiration
Light Sussex Cockerels
White / Exchequer Leghorn
Last egg
Light Breed Cockerels, to eat or not
Everything in Black and White?
Cream Legbars for blue eggs in UK and America
wanted brecon buff geese
So nervous
broodies eh
Poly Tunnel for chickens?
Do I need to move my Bantams ?
free hens
Diatomaceous earth?
A survivor
I've finally got that new breed that I've been wittering on
Chick pics
I bet it was...
triple yolk
Whats the oldest hen you have bred from? (Welsummer)
Full to the brim
chick id
My turkeys have started to snuff it.
gone and done it.
Mother Goose has come up trumps!
Legbarx sussex
Moving Chickens
All change.
Rhode Island Reds
Help me out here folks.
duck plague
how many years
brood panic
This years young stock.
thanks Bodger
Aylesbury Drake?
Hatching Issues
Age of hatching eggs?
Duck Eggs
Only 324.4 miles left to go.
How old can you get away with it?
wessex supreme eggs wanted
Turning Eggs
Finally got some quality
guinea fowl wanted
R-Com Spares ???
Guinea fowl eggs or stock wanted
My Eco 20 incubator?
Table Birds
Double yolker....
Well..... can't complain at that!
When the cockerel crows...
No broodies
Setter and hatcher?
My Light Sussex Stock Cockerel
Poultry History
It took a while...
Bulk buy egg boxes
I've bought a new incubator this morning.
My re~purposed Rabbit Hutch and New Laying Flock
My quest for ducks
Hawk attack
Rough Broody
.... and on a brighter note.... egg from my favourite hen
Turned out a surprise
Leghorns - a genetic question
comfort electic hen
Colourful eggs
What sort of hens?
Why dose it always happen to the best ones?
Question for Bodger.
Incubators ?
inccy problems!
Royal Mail Postage Charges.
Result! Turkey eggs.
Lessons Learnt
Eater eggs Live
I've lashed out
Be honest now!
Excellent Bird from Dark Brown Eggs
Sexing Welsummer Chicks
Hints and tips about hatching...
How Much.........
All is safely carried in.
How are your ducks laying?
new incubator advice
Taking the plunge
Show in May AHF
#ChickenHour on Twitter
Identification needed.
Price of chicks?
I've got plenty of chickens but?
Its started again.
Bellecross hen eggs
original chickens
Campbells near Market Harborough?
Bearded Bantams
VSBb Automatic Door Opener
Hows hatching going?
Should i cull yet?
Winstan & Trees
Incubator theory?
Golden Quail?
Egg question
Incubator fired up
Marsh Daisy?
Against All Odds
Pure breeds
can anyone make use of these
Turkey shed?
Donald's unlucky demise
Turkey eggs?
Cold Weather
whats going in the inncy first?
Guard fowl!!
Northern Fowl Mite
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