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Somethings wrong
Which hens for broodiness?
Possible egg exchange coming up.
newbie chicken advice?
wet no hatch
Shooter needed in mid essex for fox ... any volunteers?
G,rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !
My next project?
Dry hatch.
Brecon Buff Geese
What a reliable broody !
Welsummer crosses
Dry Hatch
One of teh worst breeds to hatch Reza asil
another broody question
First Broody
Egg Sales?
I give up
modern game
Turkeys or geese?
candling eggs
heat lamp advice please
infertile eggs
Table bird project is Back On
Good and Bad
How did this happen?
I've got the runs!
aggresive cockrel/stag
Dusting off the Incy
Spring's on it's way, the geese are laying!
Strange fox?
hybrid suppliers
Bird Flu
No luck with Welsummers
Brood pens?
Breeding for Duel Purpose
Rules and regulations
Where's the Dark Eggs!!!!
light sussex utility question
New allotment rules.
Back in lay
early question
Breeding wth pullets?
The King is Dead.
Long Term Plans
The Poultry Keeper Forum
Lights are on
Designer Roast Chicken
The best price for egg boxes.
New Super Duel Purpose Breed (maybe)
Caponized Cockerels
Light Sussex.
La Bresse Galouise
Looking good
Clearing out old stock
Why today?
New Breed, can anyone guess?
New Blood
The King is Dead
New Facebook Page
Sex linked question
Next years Breeding Plans
Thinking of adding a new breed
A snapshot ...
Treating Respiratory Infections
Chicken coop
A new breed ?
Pure bred geese?
Pheasants and Hens
Quail Dispatch: Lesson Learned...
Muscovy Ducks
I'm off to Chelford.
Oh Dear.
Exchequer Leghorn POL
I know it's late...
Perfect set up
A few of this years keepers.
Hatching Eggs
Goose Eggs!
Identifying Geese
Brecon Buff Geese?
1st WS pullet egg
Its time for me to tally up.
Next years plans
geese free to good home
Something different
Turkey dressing / slaughter
Welsummer ?
Smallholder Magazine (Welsummers)
A little early?
P-ssed Right Off!!
Welsummer crosses
Chicken Colour Genetics Calculator
Angry, fed up, and generally p***ed off.
Hen looking unwell
The cock crows
Proper hens again
Bresse Gauloise!!
Red Mite
Meat Chicks
Young stock
Cooked hatching eggs.
What do you think ?
Too much grass !
They haven't hung about!
Warning. Wells Poultry.
Ancona pullets.
Nifty Little Trick
Welsummer pullet
I lost a really good LS Pullet.
Thoughts on POL hybrids and free ranging.
Eureka !
Our henny
Not just foxes
One way to get rid of red mite
Always wear the same clothes?
Just why do they have to do it?
Last lot of chicks
Dog Attack
Off the lay
Gross. Don't watch this clip if you're squeamish.
The Class of 2014.
New Chicken Run
suitable chicken house?
The fox returned
Another backward step
Chicks in the sun
Incubator back out
urgent help
Compare these breeds
While we are all talking Broodies
Anyone here from Essex?
Light Sussex Bantams as Broodies?
You just never know
Hatching Eggs
Cockerel crosses cull day
Thinking of a change of plan.
cutting sheep wire
It's finally happened
There goes the egg round
Offspring from Bodgers LS quartet
Seven coloured eggs?
Stupid Mistake Switching Incubator off!!!!!!!!
Two pictures of my Welsummers.
What the heck !
Some new blood for my Light Sussex
Germinal disk
Yet another poor hatch on the way.
Pheasant eggs?
Naked necks ??
Kortlang Khaki Campbell - high laying duck strain
Thinking of Sasso or Hubbard table birds
lost them all
Birmingham Roller Pigeons
Its been just like Christmas here this morning.
members photos of chicken housing they have made
Problem with my cockeral.
The Big Yin.
How many birds?
Has anybody ever????
I've just bought ....
True Gent
New Chicken Central and Chick explosion!!!!!!
BODGER !!!!!
Egg eating
Marrans chickens
Cuckoo Maran cock wanted
Welsex egg
Talking of penguins
Light Sussex 4 weeks
My favourite job
Safe and sound
Sons do sometimes come in useful
Half full or half empty!
21 days
Brown hens but pretty eggs
Posting eggs...
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