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Keeping Chickens
Does anyone vaccinate? And wormer rates
Perch sizes, accommodation and update
The Wife has got problems with men
Wing clipping?
Good morning, chicks!
Red mite
I'm so pleased
We are rocking
Electric Poultry Fencing ? A Question !
Heres a thought that has just occurred to me.
Ever tried buying chickens lately?
Chickens and compost heaps - how??
Broody hens: my 3rd attempt and want to get it right!!
My Sunday Dinners are coming on well.
What type of chicken? Constructive advice please.
Some chicks that hatched yesterday.
I'm going to have a crack at exhibiting...
Shall I get chickens?
Check this web site out.
Hughs on News night in a mo
Do chickens eat berry plants?
Just for the softies amongst you.
Goose Family
It aint no way to run a business
On first buying chickens.
You must watch this if your chickens are Free Ranging.
Meat birds...again!
Oh God more coming....
Hatching tonight....
They're here....
You should never involve your cock
chicken feed
Bishops Castle show
switching eggs for chicks Q
Looking for day olds in Essex
Quail Housing
Bird cage.
Egg Swap anyone?
About Guinea Fowl
Our Chicks..... (with added pics )
Jamie's Fowl Dinners Filming Pics!
chicken house question
Chicken Disease is extremely serious.
Reynard has struck!!
Trimming Beaks
Some sick chickens and some even sicker prices.
worming poultry
At what age is a duck too old to eat!
Interested in rare breeds?
Not behaving normally?
about a dozen or so far.
Canaries and hens...housing?
Hens Laying in with broody
Breeding canaries
shot the b***er at last
Silkie brooding LS eggs Q
Progress report
end of succesful chicken course
Light Sussex Chick Update.
Sickly bird... Advice please..
Had to buy a kids fishing net on the way into work today.
Sneezing chicken
Let the hatching commence.....
Oswestry Results
There's lovely for you !
Not the Ritz !
successful hatch
How many???
I'm judging
New ones on me.
Our First Gosling.
Angelsey show
Need to identify
oswestry show back on
I've got some egg eating chickens
Oswestry show cancelled
Ungrateful beastie!
New Visitors
Sex Linkage in chickens. Traditional Farm Yard Poultry.
Dez Res for Quail
Psycho Chicken goes Broody
The way they were !
New Chicks!
Poultry Website
I've been offered some new stock and I'm going to have some.
New Arrivals
Wanted - 6 Indian Game Bird Hatching Eggs
The Ixworths have arrived!!
Northern England Backyard Poultry Workshops
My hatching had been going so well !
Sasso Table Birds
Performing Pigeons
Hey Stumpy Bodger ! what do you think?
Any pigeon men on the forum ?
Incubating duck egg vapours!!!!!!!!!!
it worked
carnage - and not a fox in sight
Traditional table birds.
Brahma Bantams
Something's killing my Pekin Bantams......
Pekin Bantams & Goldline Hens
Chicken Show Tomorrow
I was just doing a bit of thinking on the way into work
Tina Turkey
Night Crowing
eggs in the incubator
Light Sussex Chickens.
what a waste
Egg and chips for tea!
They don't stay small for long do they ?
A spot of breeding anyone ?
step by step building an incubator tutorial 1
Looking good for fertility..
Has anyone got the runs today ?
Moto's girls....
Spot the Broody.
Need a name for this guy..
Chicken song to make you laugh [ADULT LANGUAGE INSIDE]
Could I be turning Gay ?
Advice please
Cluck cluck Gwynedd Poultry Club Show meeting tonight.
A morning visit from Reynard
Beginners book for poultry
Goose Eggs
what chickens?
Guinea Fowl
The bantam cock song
I knew if that cat carried on hounding the chickens
Calling all Chicken Keepers in/around Wharfedale
Fertilised bantam eggs wanted
when will my chickens lay??
dutch bantie ..........ill
Modern Game Bantams
An afternoons work
Miniature egg....
Its got to the stage
Cheep Cheep
egg selling
Comfortable stocking
Geese and Runner ducks
Off Lay
Torrified Wheat and Chickens
Fingers crossed -they've hatched!
Watch the Birdy
Meat Birds
Chicken Keeping Courses ?
Raffle Prize
Scottish National
See you later !
Runner Ducks
Nice to have time.
Under Siege
Eggs to wash or not.
Heavy Breed pics
Clever fox
French Marans
Do ducks have better eyesight?
Ideas ?
Selling chicken eggs
H5N1 Found in 3 dead swans (Dorset)
Red poultry mite
Hughs Chicken Farm
Chickens for meat
Dual Purpose Breed (Noobs question)
Neck them?
Silly beginners question !
Ruddy Foxes
My chickens won't come out!
The unsuspecting
Jamie Oliver's Fowl Dinners
some of our birds
Weldone to all the members of this forum
The biggest chicken show of my season is this Saturday !
Hatching eggs
drinking system
Red Kites
I dare you not to laugh!
How do you prepare for show?
A couple of my babies
Sumatra Girl
did you know ?
A good day today
Its pouring down with rain here and
List of birds looking for new homes
Good news- get polishing those birds
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