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The Feather Room
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Damp chooks
Ill chicken?
Happy McChicken
Does it have to be straw
The pitter patter of tiny feet
A Double Shuffle Today
White Faced Black Spanish
Boiled eggs
Things you don't want them to eat
I started to build an aviary today.
Do you want to make a little extra out of your chickens ?
Seems to be ok
Do these need clipping?
Chicken behaviour questions - is this normal?
Light sussex
Doubled my stock
house help/advice
My Marans have started laying.
Goose or Gander?
Fox trap renovations tomorow.
P.O.L. Hybrids
Cockerels wanted
egg pecking
Not a lot of people know this.
I'm judging tomorow
Sixteen new nest boxes.
Clever chickens!
Sick chickens
is this
Nocturnal Chickens
Fan tails
Cheap shed wanted
poultry shield
First chicks hatched!
Some of my birds...
Chickens for the table
one for the twitchers
eggs for eating
where are my eggs?
guess who
frozen water
Equipment list for hatching?
Welsh Chicken Hunters...
help limping chicken
A few of my girls
the turkeys
New Hobby
barred plymouth rock
National fed' poultry show, Stafford.
It's no good.............
How do you manage to keep your grass?
8. 43pence
Garden Raiders...
Absolutely Gutted
How are your chooks?
Chickens or night owls?
What else to feed chickens?
This will get your tits bouncing!!!
Chickens and 'colds'
for sale 3 silver sebright bantams
Cream leg bar
lots of eggs!!
Anti Chicken Ground Cover
Electric Chicken Netting.
I've got a new cock.
Fussing over her egg?
Skinny Chicken
Beaks ...
Are they going to be warm enough?
Got some chickens
Nasty turkey's!
More good news....
Aren't they grumpy!
Reynard GRRRRRRRR!!!
I'm never going to buy a purpose built chicken shed again.
Chicken feather fishing?
Yummy Ixworth!
Next project/cheeky ask
Identification Aids
Bringing in new 'ladies'?
Step by step making a Tee Pee suitable for a broody
Small eggs?
I have learnt something today!
stray dogs just killed hens!!
Big day saturday.
New Dutch Bantam Website
Turkey eggs.
More photos of your chooks!
What would I get?
Chicken Runderdome
A new pop hole for the Shamo
Stop press!!!
hens off lay
new project
Gwynedd Poultry Club Show
How to put spectacles on your chickens.
New chickens!
Would like to swap
up comming shows
So, how did she really get that cockerel?
Marans versus Light Sussex ?
Barnvelder Bantams
Ribble Valley Show - 18th oct
What sort of chicken?
Any info on these hybrids?
First time showing... The results!! (Pics added)
Four Thousand Free Range Blue Egg Laying Chickens.
Large Modern Game
pulling out tendons in chicken legs
Ask a Poultry Question
will new hens be accepted
Sex link
Its 9.30 am
Chicken feed prices.
Birmingham Roller Pigeons
Soft egg
Very gruesome injury - what to do?
Guniea Fowl
Worming my chickens today.
Brecon Buff Geese
Nights getting colder
Ex battery hens
Do chickens get sore throats?
Its a bdooly mad hoose!
Going off line
And you thought that you were sad ?
Artificial lighting
Amateur owners appreciation of chicken behaviour
Info please!
Is it normal..
Egg colours?
9 geese for sale
This is very queer?
Stokesley show
Stratford on Avon Show
What is this serious chicken business?
Chicken Poo
Have you seen this?
Is it really enough?
Do they really want to eat everything?
Khaki Campbell Ducklings WANTED
FREE - New Home Wanted for our Pekin Bantam Cockerel - Free
On improving your laying stock.
The Price of Pure Bred Chickens.
Few more Genghis pics.
Chickens for the pot tonight.
New Website
What breed of chicken?
red mite
A call for help, a differnt side of Mass chicken farming
I've just ordered this book
Killing Chickens
Sexing Chicks
my problems with men are getting easier
Guniea fowl
sexing geese
New life.
Little Tommy Tittlemouse.
Casual Sex in
Ingenious or what ?
Happy Chooks
Has anyone else managed to cross Indian runners with
I told you so !
Turkey picture
My new home!
Fox damage to my chickens
A bag of chick crumbs
Meet my babies.
I've just housed my new laying flock.
The new chicken abode - little update ;-)
Ducks and their laying habits
Some pics of my Bantams..
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