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The Reading and Writing Club
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Joan Kent?
More swag!
A bit of light late night reading?
Three New Second Hand Books?
Private Eye?
The New Homesteader.
Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Ian Niall.
A bookcase and two books to go with it.
Bernard Cornwell?
free kindle books on loads of suitable subjects
A little bit of what you fancy?
Call me old fashioned.
River Cottage Purchase.
A nice book.
tales of a derby poacher
I'm loving this.
Well worth a read
exciting times
And I thought I was fairly well read!
Chaffinch's by HW Freeman
For Dad and his shed.
Aardvark books
Eric walker My Story Volumes 1 2 3 and 4
My Story Volume 1
Trees and how to Grow them
an unashamed "plug"
Writing a speech
I've got a couple of books on order.
It's HERE!!
Philip Pullman.
pigs in clover
putting my thoughts down...
First World War - Trilogy
Farm Fatale by Paul Heiney.
Apples an Appreciation.
Recommend a book to a friend.
This should make for a good read.
One to watch out for.
Now Dick Francis is no longer with us...
At Last
Charles Dickens
My new novel
Three legged friends Caitlin Barber
Dungeon Chronicles William Horwood.
Pulling Punches. Paul Heiney
Books to Go - one week only
Bear Grylls
Book choice for Kindle
Charlotte's Web
Coney Catcher
well done
OMG! I think I might have died and gone to heaven!
The Ballad of Bill and Ben
Local stories
I thought that I'd better try and give
Books to go.
Hallowed Acres.....................
FMD 2001
Home Farm by Paul Heiney. My latest purchase.
For those interested in language
My reading for the next few nights.
Edwardian Farm
That First Tomato
Ian Niall
Hope Bourne
Glory Hill Farm
new novel
I'm dead chuffed. I've dropped on a little gem today.
Not very good
A Thousand Splendid Sons
So lost without you
Today I opened the bag
This is not a poem
At The Loch of the green Corrie
Neville shute
Tony Blairs New Book.
Early, signed, first edition to give away
My contribution for February - THE SECOND CHILD
comments please..
Creative Writing Group.
Posted before
Room for thought.
Sid's Story
How do you organise your time to write?
A Short Story
Our Poetry Section.
Useful guide lines.
Topic for January
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