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Around the Kitchen Table
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Birds Custard powder
Garden snails
Sloe gin
Bags of salad…..
Used t-bags
Pancake Day..whats your favourite?
Any of these any good to you?
I'm glad I'm not that keen on lettuce.
Our now traditional "topping-up" of the mincemeat
Goose meat
Chrimbo present chosen.
Hunted, Foraged, Grown or Reared
New Book.
Ideas needed
Lemon Cheesecake Recipe wanted
Strange food combinations
BBC Recipe website
Pig's trotters
Gluten free banana loaf
Shredded soup
A windy house ?
I've got to eat more fish
Halal meat
Hickory nuts!
Fish cakes
Bear lard
Clootie dumpling
Puff !
Razor clams?
Wedding cake
One more book
Bread Maker
Traditional Polish sausage and the Hairy Bikers.
Preserving jars?
steam juicers
steam juicers
A taste of Wales?
Ludlow Food Festival
Llandinabo Farm Shop.
Another Aldi heads up - bread book
unusual meats?
Two cans!
Aldi heads up! Maslin pan and preserving jars
British Red...
budget mincer
Bonus find
Looking for oranges I found duck proscuttio
Bakers and Bakeries?
How to pressure can
jar preserving.?
Duck Egg Glut ?
Double Gloucester Cheese?
Butchery course.
Chest Freezer?
First attempt.
Bodger or anyone
New cold smoker?
Going the whole hog?
Carnation milk
Making yoghurt
lemon; lime marmalades??
Marmalade time again
Tomorrow is Plough Monday
New toy...
My latest kitchen "toy"
Weired and wonderful from Aldi an Lidl!
The Shropshire Field
Why I do the shopping and cooking
mincing advice please
Who's nicked the mint sauce.
Dry curing bacon?
Fish on Friday: inspiration required.
Mushrooms on toast
Today I'm coooooking.......
the flavoured oil thread reminded me....
My first ever go at cold smoking.
Do you know what temperature your freezer is running at?
By preference
Aldi's Heads Up: 8ltr Maslin Pan
I've got crabs
Food for thought...
Dandelions: today's the day folks.
'Aunties' Seasonal Food
Slow cooker
Crispy Beef
Pressure cookers
Marmite - love it or hate it
Malt Loaf
culln skink soup
Jamie Olivers Italian Restaurant.
Marmalade time rolls round again
Some very sad news indeed
Stells Crimbo Cake
SOS! Cooking disaster!
The deed is done.
Sweet Potatoes..... how do you like them?
Jamies Gravy
Custard Apples
Begining to feel like Christmas.....
Two very very old books.
Storing garlic
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Apple juice
At last the voice of sanity for "use by" dates
Preseving pears
Smoked Haddock and Spinach Risotto
What is it?
Falling sultanas
Chillie peppers again.
The Difference.....
Not a plaice
The second Hairy Bikers Diet book.
Freezing veg
The strange things that you do
Lunch/snack today
Pig Spit Roast
Help me make some money!
puff balls
The Great British Bake Off.....
We have to change our lifestyle
Smoking Food!
My new sausage stuffer!
The tastes of Summer
What's for supper.
Green walnuts
In The Cupboard
Today's the day..
Coffee flavor?
Cheese table.
Different uses for foods
Healthy Eating
Rayburn and Combi backup
Wood to use in a cold Smoker
Morrocan Pigeon Pie
formula 1 in the kitchen
Date stuffed pork belly
Simnel Bread Pudding (Guardian link)
Not for the faint hearted..
Yummy for tonight.
An article for you to read.
What's on the menu for today.
Sea bass?
Hairy Bikers?
Debbie's leg
pickled eggs.
Half an hour
Birthday cake..
Cyber Rabbit Challenge.
Pie week
valentines day dinner
Dehydrating Garlic
It's pancake day!
Roast on Sunday...
Spotty Bacon - advice please
I was bored this afternoon.....
Kitchen Island?
Naan Bread
rabbits and stuff
A strange dinner party
Bakeoff masterclass
Roe 4 pork
Left over marzipan . . .
Sausage skin suppliers.
Buffet Ideas!!!
What Americans know about Christmas
Bread to last for 60 days?
My Oven
I shot my dinner this morning.
No more roast dinners
Stir up
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