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Around the Kitchen Table
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Hate to say it but....CHRISTMAS DINNER!!!
Winter Warmers
From Grow Your Owm
does anyone have
Morton Tender Quick
faggot recipe
Bone saw
Pork Pie Recipe
My pig
Tasted mustard for the first time
Making Salami is next on the list.
ice cream
A pig and a half plus most of the bits.
My first ever home made bacon.
Green toms
be careful what you ask for on freegle....
Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Aldi
Hot and cold smokers
Tonight we are having....
The GOS Pig
menu idea please
Rabbit recipes.....
Cooking an old chicken ?
As the weather is minging....
And Very Nice it was too!!!!
I'd love a pickle recipe...
Another Pie Anyone ?
need a recipe for tomatoes
pickled eggs
Pig Picking
An interesting website on Smoking Food
Wild Game
Labor Day Meal
Oven time.
Debbie's whole leg of pork..
Homegrown dinner tonight
Spaghetti marrow!
First peel your marrow
Revenge is ....
a mediterainian lunch
Arrggh - cooking problems
Recipe wanted for treacle tart
My pig!!! My Hidden Valley pig has arrived!
Woodsmoke's Slicer
New toy!
The Ludlow Food Festival
Great British Waste Menu
Rhubarb Wine
The problem with slow cooking....
Bacon sandwiches.............
Real quick lunches....
Atention Deficit Disorder - Do I have it?
Meat Mincer.
Rose Hips
Pork sausages.
Had a bit of a play.................
Tesco's 5 meal-deal....
We've had a smashing meal this evening.
Bacon cures............
Smoked eggs..............
Just Found
Herbal Teas
Kitchen Myths
Name that meat
A La Carte Horse...Again...
Electric mincer
Freezing Eggs
Last night
Too old for bacon ?
This weekend's bacon . . .
cream anyone?
Milling flour.
Book People
spinage - recipes please
Cooking smells
Take your pig
Large pans courtesy of Taffy.
A Bit Of Bazzer In The Kitchen, Pic. Heavy
Julian Graves
Wednesday 2nd June - what's for dinner?
Tuesday 1st June - what's for dinner?
pre-heating ovens
Monday 31st. May - what's for lunch/dinner?
Grey cakes
wild coffee
Saturday 22nd May - what's for lunch/dinner?
Friday 21st May - what's for dinner?
Thursday 20th May - what's for dinner?
Breakfast at Ginger's
I'm making rhubarb chutney tonight.
Wednesday 19th May - What's for dinner?
Tuesday 18th May - what's for dinner?
Monday 17th May - what's for dinner?
Hoisin Sauce
Sunday 16th
Saturday 15th.
Thursday 13TH....
Monday 10th May - what's for dinner?
Sunday 9th May - what's for lunch/dinner?
Visit here and Dribble
No rude answers please but what can I do with my Rhubarb?
Indian cooking flavours
Tuesday 4th May - what's for dinner?
Books on chutneys and relishes?
Leek (ramp) sausage.
Vegan help needed please!
Sunday 2nd May - what's for lunch/dinner?
Ice cream makers
Saturday May 1st - What's for dinner?
Wednesday 28th April - what's for dinner?
Apple sauce ?
Does anyone have a Halogen Oven?
Price of nuts
A link.
I can't go to garden centres anymore.
Sunday 25th April - what's for lunch/dinner?
freezing bread dough?
Saturday 24th April - what's for lunch/dinner?
Friday 23rd April - what's for dinner?
Thursday 22nd April - what's for dinner?
Britains best Dish
All Bran cake
Graze Boxes
Is it lent....
When my building work is done....
A new sausage.
Egg Coddlers
Good Fryers Day
FAO Bodger and raised pie thread
Serious Sausage Making.
Way Back When
My next project is going to be a small cold smoker.
Fish Counter
Today has been a good day for me.......
Black Pudding
Nicked From BBC Site
Pasta maker
Salad Dressing
Like an Indian
Has Spring, sprung, in your household ?
A good site...
bread makers
venison burgers
The art of pork pie making.
St. Davids Day and Bodgers Cockles
An Icon Dies
My recent cakes
St David's Day.
Patum Peperrium
Yet Another
The Garlic Farm
Duck Crown
Eating more fish.
Potato ricer
Unused Kitchen Gadgets
Sunday Dinner. 16.00hrs.
Home made burgers
Last night..
Sauce anyone.
well i never
What can I cook a chef and her husband for dinner in advance
Shrove Tuesday
Birthday Pressie
Wubbles Fancies
Book Collection
low fat spreads
A Cookery Book with a difference.
In honour of Danndans . . .
Authentic Curry Night.
A friend has...
Fancy this blast from the past?
On a Budget...
Fish Fingers
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