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Around the Kitchen Table
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Dry curing hams
Tart roulette
Three Woodpigeons?
Around the dining table
Preserving ginger in syrup
Tonight's tea
Right our Debbie !
Autumn foraging a bit thin this year.
Christmas cake
It's in the oven...
Tomato Ketchup
label discription
More food labelling skullduggery!
sausage stuffer
All sausaged out.
Meat in the freezer?
Sausage Skins?
Thousands of bottles of apple juice!
Mark 2
A couple of new books today.
pork, have often wondered
runner bean
Debs Pork
Meal idea please - seafood
I make no comment
Debs Bacon
Making Bacon.... and Extra's
Sticky Red Cabbage
The rise and demise of organic food ?
Flavoured oils for cooking
confit quail
Fresh Bread
Levi Roots Food for Friends
Aldi heads up; Extra Virgin Olive oil in flip top bottles
Are there any salt experts in the house?
A different slant on pickled eggs.
Wish me luck!
A useful site for calibrating your own thermometers.
Debbie and Simon's pork chops
Visiting Debbie and Simon
Interesting reading
Q: How many beetroot does it take........
Lobster help
Freezing Celery
Sausage Skin Price Hike?
A yummy pasty.
Cold Smoked Sea Trout - and other fish
Supplier needed
Mincing n Stuffing
Herman is still alive......
Rabbit head, anyone?
tomatoe chutney
Welsh quiz
And tonights meal ............
BBQ tonight !
lemon curd made with duck eggs
The answer to my egg glut?
Two Greedy Italians
Butty ?
Pitta bread and Bagette
Macho Firey Hot Pickled Duck Eggs Anyone?
Harrisa Paste
I found it funny
Thanks Debbie - Home cured Bacon
Wild garlic anyone?
Tonight it will be....
I am now a responsible parent....
Top tip
salt/pepper mills advice
Tomorrow I shall make marmalade
First ham and bacon
Freezing excess
My Scottish Tea!
Mum's birthday cake
Following on from the Plantain question..
British food alive and well.
So you think you know your food?
Cheese Sauce
Fish knives and forks...
Special dinner
Shrove Tuesday
problems with marmalade
storing seville oranges not in freezer?
Cold Weather Payments
Bread Making
1st attempt at sausage making with my old kenwood a901e
Baking Mad
I'm off for a walk at four !
Quail Eggs?
Kentucky fried chicken
A Pig of a Job Tomorrow.
Pheasant Casserole
If you like a good steak...
Best way to enjoy your first home laid eggs
New Cooker
First go at making bacon!
Stells Crimbo Cake
chilli hiccups
Cake in 4 minutes...
Christmas cake
Venison in Sloe gin glaze
Ham in coca cola?
What treats from Hidden Valley Pigs
Saving up for game pie.
A great present
Mince pies
Ruth Motts Christmas
I've just made
Nets used in cooking
Pheasant ! Agood value food!
The Hairy Bikers Perfect Pie Book
Just thinking really
Half a roe deer?
MK 1 Hot Smoker
French fluted pie mould we didn't buy
Tagine for Dinner
Pheasant in Fridge
roast dinner
Large sausage shaped boiling bags?
Pub menu
Sloe Gin Kit for Christmas Present
I'm fed up with this ham lark..........
Did anyone watch last nights Young Apprentice?
I've got far too many cookery books.
First attempt at Venison sausage
kune kune
beef suet
Cabana Sausage?
Eclectic Lunch
Out of date?
Lousy weather, so a day in the kitchen.
Our Bomann Mincer.
New Additions
Last night I..................
An eco-friendly meal
Jam problem
Danger Will Robinson ....
Busy afternoon
More chorizo
Pickled Chanterelle for Butterbean.
All stocked up
So you think that you know your baking?
Raised game pie using gluten-free pastry
runner beans
Under the influence.
This is London, baby!
Quince Recipies
A Thank You Feed
The Great British Bake Off
Rabbit surprise
Beetroot chutney recipe
Busy day in the kitchen so far . . . .
Freezing Flat leaf Parsley?
Freezing veg and salad cream
Interesting Recipe Site
A boozy (rainy) afternoon
gammon joints
Ham Storage Question
Corned Beef
Purdier than a red wagon full of speckled puppies...
Preserving eggs
Len Poli Recipes
Suggestions, please...........
A reasonably priced bag sealer.
Sourdough class at Becoming an Outdoors Woman weekend
A productive day in the kitchen.
Food meets
Stating the obvious or what !
Mexican Chorizo
Tempest Arms
They rear em different down here
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