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Making Ends Meet
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Alternative fuels for diesel cars
Utility bills
Regal Paints extra 15% off
Cheap foriegn imports ?
Treasure Trove ?
Self Suffiency?
SSE phone and broadband
Sitting outside.
coal dust
Wood store.
I was planning ...
Concessionary fares- Rail from 1 October in Wales
should we get a log burner.?
Earning a shilling ?
Free Software for TV
Mini Metro Wheels.
A good time to shop around.
Unravelling cuff on Gurnsey jumper
Anchor Supplies
Expensive second hand shops
morgage repayments, can you still afford them if.....
Gas prices
Approved Food
Some useful stuff
update on the sawdust bricks
fire wood
sawdust bricks
Four Candles, not Fork Handles.
Half price lightbulbs
Money grabbing b******s!
drains and chimneys
debt free fingers crossed
russian firewood
Changing contracts
My Bargain
Making ends Meet
Waste not, want not?
Free flower seeds with..........
rainwater flushing loo project
Pinecone Surveys
Question for Bodger
Multi fuel burners on tinternet
Well Grown Fruit Trees.
Lidls heads up........ Garden & Diy tools
A small but none the less welcome result
Amazon Trade in
Settlement Quarter
Lidl heads up.... rain barrel water pump
Poooooo! :D and Seaweed!!
Premium Bonds
Kiva lending / savings
boiler replacement looms - anyone a plumber?
Lidls Heads up Garden tools & water butt pump 04/03/13
Any old willow?
Pallet Stockade
log maker
2012 diesel consuption and 2013 aims
Christmas Cards.
Start keeping all those little bits of metal.
LED bulbs
Reduced bargains.
The latest cutbacks?
Waste not...........
electric oil filled radiator v convector heater?
firewood off the beach
dont you love the cheap section...
Bagged a bargain
Couple's green lifestyle cuts gas bill to 2 a month
New home for our ducks
Odd one
Two van loads of pallets.
Energy Light Bulbs Anyone?
make do and mend
Lidls heads up: Water Butt Pump from 30th April 2012
Bargain mens waxed jacket (Sunday only)
Mobile from ebay..
This Is Brilliant!
Don't you just love swapping or bartering?
Oxfam Shopping
It's the thought that counts.....
Making our own winter fuel....?
Pet Insurance
My supermarket.Com
Cheaper parcel delivery service
Tesco Mary Berry Christmas cake kits
Owl energy meter - from the library!
Found this book...
Precarious but thrifty.
A spot of recycling.
You've got to love ebay!!
Aldi Thermals
Homemade Wok
Timber Recycling Groups & Organisations.
business cards
Aldi Blender.
just done tax credit renewal
netting shading
free greenhouse
solar panels for 99
Frugal Holidays, camping and campsites
Soap Nuts
Piles !
Focus DIY liquidation
A third world country ?
container pots
Lidl special offer - Lobster
Furnishing fabric on a budget
Lidl breadmaker
Printer has paid for itself already.
Firewood Danish style.
super scrimpers
Plant taters, its the only way.
Today, I'll be making a start on getting next years firewood
Compulsive frugality!
Free meat!!
Car Insurance
Scraping the horse lorry!
Cheapest/dearest fuel
cheap but good dog food?
Boiling the kettle
Under budget with shopping!
One man's junk ....
There's being thrifty
Foraging Fruit is Legal
Found a bargin? ... do tell
The Amazing Cucumber
mattress topper
Jumbletown, Freecycle and Charity Shops
Remember the Odd-Balls coming about the caravan....?
Leylandii !
Work clothes...
free wood
Bargain Grain Mill.
Car rescue and recovery....
farmfoods stores
Moulinex Mincer / Sausage Maker
Lidl's heads up: Mincer and sausage maker.
Breakdown cover
Electric and Gas
Changing banks
Credit report...
The Carboot Season....
cheap sugar and tea bags
The dog is pooped
Wish me luck, im going in.....
Economy range foods
House contents insurance?
Seed exchange
Miserable Depressing News.
BT phone bill!!
These are so snug...
Central heating oil price?
energy reduction
Vehicle insurance---time to haggle
Willow logs
Stocking fillers
cloth nappy sale!
1 Roll Insulation Offer
Electricity consumption
I didn't know this!
Co-op Half Price Meat
Cheeky bargain!!
Free firewood.
Recession fuels demand for comfort food
I found two ..
Stock up while it's ......
Cheap(er!) Trip!
Cheap Sugar
Making ends meet is going to be even more difficult.
TK Maxx
I love
car scrappage
Power suppliers..
tools and things
Light of...........
Where's you bin den?
New building
Home insurance, I just saved......
fishing weights
Free water saver
Burning waste oil/veg oil
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