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Making Ends Meet
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Free chicken
a way of life really
food for free?
Sell stuff for free!
My summer holidays....
cheep or what
Bargain books
Bargain by Proxy
Customising plant pots
Quite a bargain at 10
Why I love auctions....
Extreme recycling
Lost track of insurance policies
Two financial predictions in The Telegraph this week.
Fire wood
this weeks bargain finds
Fat Duck
Check your pocket money
Carbon Neutral Car Insurance
The screw turns a little bit more
The little honeymoon is over.
MPG calculator
Canada looks good.
Price savings and rolled back prices
The last little luxury to go.
Washing soda crystals and distilled vinegar
0870 & premium rate numbers
Cheap Food, etc.....
Phone line rental and broadband packages.
How much are you paying for ....
What have you changed because of the 'credit crunch'?
Taking ' making ends meet' a little bit too far ?
Bank Charges
Ice Cream
Don't go to the sales
Left Overs
Up to 90% off at Superdrug!
Great little shop!
Car insurance..... How much!!!
And this government want us to spend
Is buying cheap frugal?
How big is your Christmas pud?
Tesco's Own Brand stuff
Our central heating conked last night.
Another big discount day at M&S?
Debit/Credit Cards
oil heaters
and now for
a quick google
Looks like - Woolies/MFI
Phone and internet deals - good time!
A good web site for being Thrifty
Now is the time to get your
Paper shredder.
Saving money isn't always logical
Winter soups - cheap and easy
More miles per gallon
Moved plans
Have you got a Will? Get one for a donation to charity
I forgot about this.
air or sea?
Save 140 a year!
Factory outlet shops
A letter from the Nat West this morning.
Energy Monitor
Maybe some XLent news
Drive slower!!
quik build
Pickle and preserve
Store cards and gift vouchers - not always frugal
Real nappies are cheaper!!!
charity shops
The cost of living quiz
Dont book Flights on an airline going bust
Immersion Heater
gettin a burner
Drying washing
Cancel Newspapers
Whats been your best money saving bargain ever?
Look for the perks
Warning about LloydsTSB
This may not be that far fetched.
tea bags
fish on a budget
Changing LPG supplier
Oi you, On yer Bike!
Shop around
The Pound Shop
Money Saving Expert
Car Insurance
I saved 20..
Change your energy supplier
A new section.
Last night on the radio...
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