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The Flowerpot
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Narcissus Cotinga.
The grass is growing
Spring's here :rolleyes:
End of season!
Project Honeysuckle.
A little bit of landscaping.
Mrs Pollock
ID please
Daffodil dilemma
Lavender from Lidl
Tatton Park Flower Show
Self seeded.
What is it?
For Grandma Bodger.....
Fish in your water features.
Roses & Rabbits!
Hanging baskets and pots in memory of
Early colour
Late colour
Plant ID required
Just a few more
A bit of colour about the place.
mixed colours
In the blue.
In the pink
dam worms
Starting to show some colour
Hanging baskets
Wildflower seeds.
Here we go...
Spring bulbs
Take a moment or two
Look what I found this morning
very early for spring
The Great British Garden Revival
The leaves are gently falling now..
Taking cuttings from lavender?
While we were away
Twilight time
my garden 2013
Hey Diggers
Cider Barrel ?
some of the bloomers
Sweet Williams
The All Year Flower and Srub Garden.
After Sandrar's Question...
Cutting garden - ideas
A few more bloomers
A possible new string to my bow?
Before and after
Blooming garden
my ladygarden
so many lanterns
Bog garden.
Planting seeds after the recommended time
A nice idea, a lawn without grass?
Well shaded area
can somebody help this poor tree
A view of my garden
The gardening year
Spring has sprung
Spring is trying
Identification needed
Hanging Baskets
Pond project
Lawn seeding
hyacinths for a competition
A wee idea ?
this years chrysanths
Flowers for April
This years sunflowers.
Still flowering
The new garden
The bees are loving it.
I.D please
my garden 2012
Sweet scent
Lovely Flora and Colour
Aloe polyphylla: The Spiral Aloe
Damn the jobsworths !
Another ID please
Guerilla gardening anyone?
Does anyone know....
in bloom
flowers you can eat
Monke Puzzle ???
Plant Pots?
My weekend project
Meet my Echium Tree
Can it be too hot?
Kaz and I
but Easter's been and gone
Just for the flower growers.
Next Project...
Garden fire
I'm going to give them a go.
Four months on
new season starts here
Snowdrops are here.
Christmas Flowers
Pruning roses and hypericum
photos of my garden pools
First of many
Leyllandi Tree felling
How to take cuttings ?
Lavender Harvest!
Calendula - pot marigold seeds
Venus Fly Trap............
We thought that we'd titivate the polytunnel.
What to put in...
Lavender Show
the back wall
what type of garden do you have
bluebells from seed
small trees
Pretty and practical!
A Freebie!
shrub id please
Why not ?
Lot's of saplings
Lawn alternatives
Flower garden
ID help please
Dutchmans Pipe.
Is ash good for the garden?
The view at the back of my garden...
Wild Flower Seed and Cheap compost
Seed sowing 2011
Cut flowers
Hanging Baskets And Tubs..
Your favourite top ten pot plants are ?
is it real or not?
Streptocarpus seed.
Cleome seeds for FREE
autumn planting
My Folks Garden
hello possum
Seed Swapping
30 plus Leylandii to get out.
What is smelling nice in your garden?
Gave a hand today!
Garden lights............
Good year for the Roses
Free Fritilary seeds!!!
salt tolerant
Tamarix in full bloom.
Red Robin
Big flowers ?
Mum's Day
A bit of colour
bdooly moss!
Using Peat
Flowers for shade ?
Green chrysanths?
mad tree in Bakewell
new flowers for this year
it is so dull......
is it spring?
Chilly not Chilli
Garden project No 1
Bee Off
Garden Mums
Can anyone tell me what this is??
A good
Likes and dislikes
Streptocarpus cultivation
What type of Laurel is this please?
Any idea?
Showing plants
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