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Its another world.
OTG Members Beer Recommendations
muntons beer kits
I'm leaving it late.
Last Lot
A little gem.
A whiff of the barmaids apron ?
A pressing engagement ?
Spreading the word
Oh my apples!
Granny Smiths Apples
Cor blimey
Reverand James
Asking Price
A couple of hours on the cider.
Damson cider
marrow rum .
marrow rum .
Norwich Beer Festival
Rain stops play !
Alive and kicking
Free Labour?
Cider Tree Arboretum?
Aldi heads up! Helles Lager in flip top bottles 1.69 each.
A Bramley day today
Cider apples?
Temorary events licences.
elderflower champagne
Whats the world coming to?
first 1/2 gallon test,,,, eeeeek!
Yet another kick in the 'Najjers'
dark beer advice please
The rug pulled out from beneath our feet?
Broom Farm
Because Lorraine is so modest...
Great oaks do grow from little acorns.
my first home brew
Spotty Dog Cider crowdfunding project
The last of the apples.
Aldi heads Up: 500ml Lager in Fliptop bottles
cost of apples/juice
sloe gin
Apple names
A Pressing Engagement
Milk crates.
Apple tree varieties
Domain names? I just couldn't resist.
That time of the year again
Our first cider sale of the season.
pershore's facilities
new building thoughts
On the move.
The Good Old Pint Pot?
Fair warning....
bottling cider
wine making
yeehar! Port gaverne Inn will stock our cider
Excise Duty?
Labelling Requirements for cider
name for our cider please
cider question
film yeast on top of cider
Turbo cider.
selling our cider
Cleaning Calamity
having cider probs
How to plant an orchard
Bodgers Special Reserve.
Whose the daddy?
Pssssst! Lorraine
Our pressing day...and press
hydrometer reading
bottles for juice & cider
Not for sale on a shelf near you
A big apple picking session today.
New Cider and Apple Juice Pump
Crown Capping Machine
A Great Story
For bodger
The first of five cider weekends
I've just had a nice little result.
The Cider Journey - Creating a new local drink!
Dandelion beer warning
Zider Zeason!
Six Hours.
40 liters of guinness
Brew Day
Healeys Cider?
Wine not clearing
One for bodger......
I'll have a Welsh.
Xmas pressie
Jeremiah Weed Root Brew
Ginger Beer Kit.
checking the progress of cider
Apple Ale.
Tell me about it!
Bottled it.
Glug, glug glug!
Newish wine and cider equipment website.
Beer fridge up and running
A haircut and then a bottling room.
Sloe gin
A Thousand Breweries!
ATTEMPT to make wine....
A new brewer?
More cider musings.
Ginger beer
I'm back.
Temporary Events Licence.
Beer Brewing
Our new labels
fermenting bucket
Another big day for our cider enterprise today.
A nice cider to look out for.
A boozy day
Elderflower wine
All hands to the pump tomorrow
recipe needed
Getting ready
Done it !
Last night we cracked our first ever barrel of cider.
another use for the greenhouse bench
Ciders tried recently
I'd love a Baby Champ!
Crown top bottle top putter on'errer ?
A bit of a shock yesterday!
Starting off
Hey Ho its off a blending we go!
Saturday June 2nd 2012.
A Pint of Maids water Please.
That makes sense not!
Chocolate anyone?
The story of their success,
Refractometer for alcohol testing?
Quite a momentus occasion.
Pershore College?
Just got home from visiting
Whin Hill Cider.
Now for something a little more traditional.
Jelly Bean Vodka
punch recipes please
OMG - demi john issue!
Rosehip Bucks Fizz
Advise needed please
Would you?
A few bottles of wine...
The last pressing of the season.
A cider update.
Meet our mentor.
A bit of excitement over a first.
Hey Mo
Wet Spaniel Brewery mkII
Theakstons Best
Weekend drinks
I took the mutt for a walk this afternoon and picked these
how strong could it be?
On the way home...........
One for the engineers
Drunk Swedish Elk Trapped in Apple Tree
Apples coming out of my ears !
One for Jonty and the other home brewers.
The first steps towards a premises licence.
This years cider.................
Just to keep Jonty awake all night...................
Bottle capper
Rhubarb whiskey
'night all
New Marketing Strategy for Bodger
Small, and I mean small, oak barrels
The politics of whiskey - a historical american perspective
Humerous Beer and Cider brand names.
On the wagon.............
Nearly there.
Scraping the bottle of the barrel
Bottling Machine.
Blueberry wine...........
Hopping Hare
Making Mead
oh dear
Plum wine?
I really had better get my finger out.
Where to get spirits for fruit cordials
Exploding Elderflower Cordial
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