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Might have accidentally got another dog.....
wheaten x greyhound x bedlington,greyhound
New dog (well new last year!)
Crufts ?
Dog hates getting wet
Typical Jack Russel - knows no fear
lost my best friend
Forgot to mention!!!
A real tear jerker.
Tilly has a corn
Tikki Tikva
Your thoughts?
Dogs having fun
One year old today.
She can Swim
Then and now
Tell me?
New Dog
Dog Food
An early crimbo pressy
Little Miss Phoebe's first 6 months
New boy on the block
I've been going through my stuff.
Creature Comforts?
Cosy lurcher
I collected Little Miss Phoebe last Tuesday
The two we kept
In Memoriam - Phoebe - Always such a good girl
Phantom pregnancy
Messing about on the river..
puppy update
loving home sought for collie pup, Herefordshire
hmmm shooting? Dogs? or Photographs?
fingers crossed pups on way
fingers crossed pups on way
Different dog owners
Powys Gundog Training/ Powys Dog Training
Does anyone remember Pereg and me?
Your Mutt?
Fitting Dog
Doggy bags
Thats my boy
Other halfs dog
Someone will pay for this!
Amber, Molly & Jilly
Spotty Dog goes to school
Breagha's pups two weeks old
New Dog
Medic Alert Dogs
Breagha's pups just one week old.
Beagle cuteness, overload warning!
A warning
Well if this doesn't get to you.
One for Great Dane fans
Ria hunting
Last chance Bodger....
Not quite Hunting dogs?????!!!!
Canine Herpes Vaccination
Pups last year
placeboards-Dog training
Breagha - at last, hopefully!
All together
Expense day
When your back is turned
My best ever Valentine's present
its a hard life........
the joy of a card reader
Busy times ahead.
Megan and the Goshawk
Antifreeze Warning
A worry.
spaniels ready for home
Have you dog owners seen this?
Shampoo for a working dog.
Born Hunters at rest
New Pup on the Way
Your first dog.
I know you are all going to laugh....
Thought I would give you all an aaaaah moment...
Mother & Daughter
These working terriers have a hard life....
Our Jessie
the pains of bitches in season.....
Gundog training event
Pups first Retrieve
Lung Worm in Dogs
My Dawgs and me!!!
Stolen dogs - gates marked
Pup Pics ( 3 Weeks old Now)
introducing Lily
Few of the dogs in the new run
Boys don't leave your ball's on the Lawn.
Pups, but a long Labour!!
Busy day
Border Collie Pups.
He's done it again...
Bally Dogs
1st gun dog
new pup on the horizon
A heartwarming story
Animal heroes
Bit of water training with the Pup
Photo's of Grace from this weekend
Teddy Bear
Arwen all grown up
My beautiful girl
Mine this time
Solly has just had
Plummer Terrier Yearbook
None are mine
terrier stud wanted cornwall
Springer spaniel.
Making a pig's ear of things...
The understudy
How many dogs?
Early morning
working dog training
as an experiment
A hole has appeared in the willow tree stump...
Not a good day
our huskys
dog fighting
My Louisiana Dogs
thinking of worming
A new friend for Tessa
hypoallergenic dog food
the dogs came too
Happy as a ***
winter in Turkey
Bloat in Dogs
Pic of the Day (Lets see your Best Friends)
The very wonderful RSPCA
Loca the pug
Oh Pereg, what have you done?!
DEBBIE....are you there DEBBIE
Meet Solly
I think it's time.
She asked for some nice bones to chew on
House training
Well, most people.....
New puppy
Couldn't resist sharing this
bdooly dog owners
My boy Winston
My Poor Dog! Some not very nice pics.
a trip to the vets
rescue dog
Barnaby Sands
Help with Setter
photo fest
spoiling the girl
Home Eye Test for Dogs
Puppy Training
Starting to get some style
Time for the happy dance!
Dog in need of loving home!
ok don't laugh
ESS coming here
Dear Dexter
365 Days!
Elderly dog owners
I can't find my other monkey...
This is a good one....
Senior Dog Food
Border Terrier question possibly for Conundrum!
Another Shooting Apprentice
another border collie
How much?????
Another of those "WHY do we have dogs?" moments.
Piccies of my current Great Dane - Phoebe
What do people think of English Setters?
On The Stubble
yummy dog food
Casual Flyball & Agility training equipment
Dog Bites
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