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My springers - Milly & Lucy
Dogs that don't bark (loudly)?
a few normen
Video of Grace
thr girls 'do' snow
Dai's unwell
Anyone got a smaller Lurcher?
Snow dog
Before and after
The search is finally over..
Didillybods Forest Sprite
A bit chuffed
Ring craft class
here's Bilbo...
scum bag steals dog
A Night Away At The Dugs
Lurcher paintings
A stranger to you but a friend to us
Brilliant dog book!
Plummer Pups...
Just hanging around
Patterdale terrier..
A question of parentage
Riley's ears....
A few barn shots.
Bono's day off
Smooth Coated Parson Russell Dog
keep watch
New Dog arriving tomorrow
Dont shout
she's all grown up now
Border Terriers
Hanna and Weaky mooching.
Dear dogs & Cats
wise dogs
Hope this is contained......
Spare a thought.
tell me why?
Tally is whelping....
Dogs and fireworks
Dogs or bitches ?
I'm down to two (sad news)
Merry Christmas from Maggie
A visitor
I'm so mean to Grace
Dogs dumped in Norfolk
Do I get my dog Done????
Cats and dogs
Family portrait
What a beauty....
Crufts say no to BBC demands!
Things you shouldn't over-hear -guess!!
Christmas OTG dog pictures.
Great bargains tonight...
Dangerous food for dogs
Praise the Lord that I'm going out !
Eating floor
Grace photos
Bob Grass has arrived!
Anyone got a spare settee that they don't want ?
in the crimbo spirit
Who said they wanted a lurcher .... ?
Dogs... aint they cute!
Pictures from this morning
Superb film about dog reproduction!
Lancashire Heelers
Judging today at
Calm down!
My task for tomorrow.
An Ah moment
The nesting instinct
Jack Russel with swollen nipples
Rugby, cider and turtles
What is a girl to do?
Had a lovely visit from
Yep I've been slated
Out There
What to expect from her?
best of friends
Training issues.
Glow in the dark...
Walking out
My dog
Normal behaviour for a greyhound?
Is this love?
Soooo tiring
Guesses on the age?
Lulu's Tale
A good rescue type link
Breaking to feather.
A couple of neglected dogs !!graphic!!
Annual vaccinations.
Let the training commence.
My first dog !!!
I thought it went the other way
Bailey and little Bill
A female question
Kennel cough.
Maltezer pup
As a kid, which sort of dog did you always want to own ?
What dog are you?
Aaaaaand another 1!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone lost a Lurcher in the Lampeter area?
How do you measure a dog?
The things they put up with from a pup!
A bug?
looking for German Shepard dog pup
Mags new toy
On a lighter note
The new puppy..........again
Glorious day, a few pics.
Deadly for dogs chewing gum.
Dog training..
Not a sniff
Never ever
The Scottie let Bazzer have a Lurcher Thread.
Tollys for the chop
a few photos
' Sedge ' has made up
We've lost her.....
Remember this girl?
Animal Cruelty???
So needless :-(
Dumpy Hanna and Molly...
So proud of my boys
dolly again
Pup reunion
Fortune Tellers
but shes only little
I can tell that it's blowing a gale.....
I ask you ! What were these dogs owner thinking of ?
fao dandans
Raw diet beginner
Dog Jerky
First Aid Box
Welsh Sheepdogs
dog and boy
Anyone else use "Strong Stuff" collars?
A trip to the vets first thing this morning. -graphic pics
Nelly's first big walk..
Another guess the breeding?
Harvey lost his ball
We got Lucy a New Best Friend
our new addition
Clicker Training
should I or shouldn't I?
OH dear.
Sussing out the big boys.
how about this live saving dog
I've got one dad ! I really have.
The World Trade Centre Dogs
few of the wee one
Lost lurcher.
Feeding your dogs.
CSJ dog food.............
Any guesses on her breeding?
dogs in elk
can't find it!!
stupid dog
Dogs, dogs, dogs
I'm going to have a go!
There mothers must love em
The Corgi Pups....
Look what I came home with...................
Wet Whips.
some of the pups
Kennel club answers back?
Pretty boy Harvey and the girls
Happy days.
Winter sunshine
How could they sell an inpup bitch???????
fox poo and similar smell
Puppy peeing problems
Dog breeding under scrutiny
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